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*falls over*

I'm not dead. I'm back from New Orleans. The food continues to be awesome. My liver hurts.

Running prints frantically in advance of BayCon. I have no cons in September. I am really looking forward to that.

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But you have cons in June, July, and August? You poor baby.

[Make lots of money, though.]

I wish I was going to BayCon this year!

Looking forward to seeing you at BayCon!

Is there someplace with a list of which cons you'll be at? I checked around your website and couldn't find one, and it'd be nice to know if any of them are in my neck of the woods.

That would be cool (in your copious spare time, of course). I know you will be at Foolscap because they prominently displayed a Digger ombnibus (and then sold me a membership) at their table at Norwescon, but I haven't actually seen that announced anywhere but their website since.

I will totally be passing out flyers for Foolscap during Anthrocon while at Ursula's table, but agree that an easily-referenced list of Ursula's various cons would be nice. Maybe Kevin can put something together...?

I don't know how much this will help, but Peter S. Beagle, dear old gentleman and guest of honor two years ago, told me that Eurofurence felt like the first vacation he'd taken in years. So hopefully you too will find it not too exhausting. :)

Hope your trip out to the Bay Area is good! I live here but I haven't been to BayCon in a while. ;)

Welcome back! It's a good thing you told us you were traveling, or I'd have been worried that the lack of a podcast last week meant that the coconut people got you.

Yay for not being dead - though you and Mur did have some adventures.

Also, please do not die before Windycon - I'm very looking forward to you MCing my Masquerade. (Don't worry - I'll have everything printed in nice big type.)

Man, if I lived in New Orleans I'd be a 600-lb sphere with a ruined liver. Toooooooo many temptations! **whimpers**

Man, if I lived in New Orleans I'd be a 600-lb sphere with a ruined liver. Toooooooo many temptations! **whimpers**

Wait.. you're making it to BayCon? *sniffle* Now I REALLY am sad I can't make it!

Do me a favor, willya? Go to the Black Hole bar and do some more damage to your liver, since I can't make it.

Have fun at BayCon! I wish I could swing by, but it's a wee bit of a trip for me to get to the Bay Area. Are you looking for local birding recommendations? There are some great hotspots in the Bay Area and Central Valley... Point Reyes and Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge come to mind. If you make it to the Sacramento area, I'd be happy to give you a tour of the raptor center where I volunteer.

I'm local but not planning on being at baycon much at all - any idea if you're selling/signing anywhere at con friday afternoon? I'd love to drop by and pick up a couple of books if so.

I'm not sure what my panel schedule will be like, but I'll have a dealer's table so if the room is open Friday, either I'll be there or there will be a note saying "Back Soon!"

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