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Behind a cut--if you don't like caterpillars (and this one is not terribly attractive about the face) sit this one out.


Found this guy (and a bunch more like him) making leaf nests in the Amorpha fruticosa, aka Tall Indigo-Bush. He is either a Silver-Spotted Skipper, or a Hoary-Edge Skipper--they're nearly identical and while Silver-spotted are common, there have been a crapload of Hoaries around the garden this spring, which is somewhat unusual. So I am leaning toward the Hoary-Edge Skipper, though in other years, I would've leaned t'other way.

Once I'd photographed him, I returned him to his bush, tucked in where the birds and wasps hopefully won't get him. It was rude to clip his little nest open, but rude for science.

I am staring out the window now, willing it to rain. It is doing little noncommittal droplets and damnit, we need a good hard rain-barrel filling frog-strangler of a rain. If they find me with my brain popped and my tongue hanging out, that's what I was trying to do at the time.

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For rain, dancing is the traditional amplifier for will.

Have you considered a rain dance? ;)

Lookit the little yellow eyespots! So squooshy and smooth and green. And those end toes! The end toes are the best <33333

Now I sit and worry if the caterpillar knows to find another leaf to wrap in, or is it just stuck without.

He will re wrap in the morning--these are daily nests, I believe.

Aw, okay. Thank you. I did not know they made daily nests! (Any kind of caterpillar, I mean.) That's pretty cool. :D

Well, some of them probably don't, but I find a lot of them will roll in a leaf during the day, eat their way out, roll up in another leaf, rinse/repeat until chrysalis.

Looks suspiciously like The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me.

(I tried to link to an image thereof, but LJ thinks all links are the Spawn of Stan, apparently).

oh my god he's gorgeous!

Water something. That's the usual method for getting the celestial sprinklers to turn on.

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