UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Worse Than I Thought

Went and pored over the maps for the city-in-a-box they're dumping on us.

It's closer and bigger than I realized.

I had been thinking, for some unknown reason, that it was between Jordan Lake and the Haw River, but it is, in fact, between us and the Haw, running south to poke Jordan Lake. So it's not seven miles away, it's around three and a half, and it is cuddled right up to both main roads heading to Raleigh, which means we will have no way to avoid the traffic coming out of it. (I had hoped the long rural road that goes south of here would be a back way out, but no, of course not. The bulk of the development is actually right up along it. That's a two-lane road, just to be clear, pretty much wall-to-wall blind corners and with no stop signs or stop lights.) It is also running along the road up to Durham, although that one widens to an exciting FOUR lanes!

Parts of it are actually touching the current business part of town.

I had been hoping--har---that it would be a case of "This is a planned "work-live-play" community and they have their OWN stuff, so they'll just be over...there...and they won't bother coming into here because we'll have nothing they want." But no, it'll be RIGHT THERE.

Even if it fails, the failures will be sitting empty where we can see them.

I feel nauseated when I look at the maps. It's an unexpectedly visceral reaction. I keep telling myself "Thirty years is a long time, there are more options for failure than for success, even if all goes ill, you will still have your garden and your acreage and Kevin is enthusiastically behind the plans to ring the property line in giant metal chickens so that nobody moves in next to you because you are clearly batshit insane."

It is a good plan, but I don't know if there are enough metal chickens in the world.
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