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Slice of Life: Father's Day Edition

ME: Hey, Kevin, I have a photo that will hit you right in the man-feels!

KEVIN: Ok...

ME: *shows photo of the stormtrooper figure with the two little lego stormtroopers*

KEVIN: I've seen it. That does not hit me in the man-feels.

ME: What if Sarah McLaughlan was playing in the background?

KEVIN: No. It'd need to be a movie, where the dad stormtrooper calls to say "I'm coming home, honey," and then the Death Star explodes and the baby stormtroopers are on the beach watching it blow up and then a shuttle lands and the dad stormtrooper gets out and they all hug and AND Sarah McLaughlan is playing. THEN there will be feels.

ME: ...

ME: I think you may have just designed geek dad kryptonite.

KEVIN: BRB, filming.

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OMG. I need to see this film when he's done.

If you need funding I'd be willing to chip in to a Kickstarter to see this film made.

Definitely! It needs to happen!

I read the whole post out loud in a restaurant to my sweetie, it being Father's Day...

Hahaha, oh god! That's BRILLIANT!

I didn't know Kevin knew Murray and his family, how cool is that!?

Fellow traveler on the geek spectrum

Hm. I would actually have the dad die, possibly with a letter home that says, "I'm not sure when I'll be home, but I love you," then follow baby Stormtrooper through to his own fatherhood. Maybe with his own letter home. "Did you get my package? I hope the boys like it. My Life Day leave has been approved." But I don't know. What's most wrenching?

You reduced me to a sobbing mess. :(

OH. You know what? The oldest boy is a teenager and he goes off just then, so we follow him. And so we don't even have to wait a generation to get sadness. He's writing home TO THE SAME FAMILY and he's ON THE OTHER DEATH STAR and!

No! NOOOOO!!! *covers ears... er, I mean, eyes*

There might not have been enough time between Death Star 1 & 2 for a teenager to get into the Empire Academy and join the officer corp. People like to forget the stormtroopers are clones. (^_^)

DIY Filmaking, fast and easy.

Lessons on Youtube Channels,

Film Riot


And this reminds me of why Kevin and Ursula are so perfect for each other. XD

I'd watch that short film.

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