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ETA: The rehabber just called---Turtle-Bob survived surgery just fine and is doing well! If all goes well, he'll be ready to come home in a week or so!

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Awwwwwww..... Poor baby; lucky baby too, that you rescued him (or her; it would only matter to another turtle. Maybe this is a Bobbi instead of a Bob!)

Poor Bob 3. It will be better soon.


Also, I like "come home".

*laugh* For all I know, he'll high-tail it out of here the minute we release him, honestly. But that's wildlife for you.

I'm sure he'll love you. "Abscess make the heart grow fonder."

Unfortunately turtles can't love. They are too primitive.
I have had turtles for a couple of years. No love, believe me;-)

so - lawn crayfish and now a lawn turtle?

That is the most adorable turtle omg

he feels much better with that abcess gone.

My cat got an abscess almost exactly there on the side of his face from a fight recently - my first abscess as i didnt think to check his face for fight wounds.

Unbelievably smelly and disgusting but fortunately I caught it early and it healed up within a week. Still waiting for the fur on his face to grow back LOL

Lucky Turtle Bob for being in the backyard of someone who cared enough to help relieve his suffering!

Glad Turtle-Bob is doing well. He should be very happy when you get to bring him back home.

You're good people, Ursula.

I'm glad Turtle-Bob came through the surgery fine and will be coming home soon!

Aw! Poor turtle-Bob.

It wasn't until I looked up the link someone had on twitter to a turtle having the same surgery that I realized that the infection was actually *behind* the eardrum. Ow. I guess they end up deaf on that side?

Jaguar-Normal says: "Squee!"

Jaguar-Artist says: "Wow, I like the use of whitespace."


*packs multiple personalities down. Again.*

Wait... what? *goes in search for the rest of this story...*

I'm so glad Turtle-Bob is doing well. Thank you for helping!

Onward, Turtle-Bob! Onward!

Yay! Glad Turtle-Bob is doing well! I think you've probably got a few other box turtle species than we do up further north, but if it was our local Eastern Box, brownish eyes mean female, whereas the males have lovely orange or blood-red eyes - the color doesn't develop until they get older, however, and Turtle-Bob looked like he-she was on the smallish side, so probably too young to tell.

Poor lil turtle! He is lucky you stepped in to save him!

Here's hoping Turtle Bob stays around when you get it home!


This is precious, and I am SO happy that your new turtly friend is well! <3

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