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Post-Con, Post-Allergies Post

Back from Con. Awesome. Love everyone. Had horrible allergy attack on drive home as we drove into some kind of pollen front. Hung-over from allergy meds. My sinuses are full of evil weasels. Will write later.

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Evil weasels? Sounds like a job for Rooster. He'll sort your nose out in no time.

I'm glad you're safely home, but sincerely regret the appearance of the rabid weasels so close to your brain. That sucks.

Having said that, have some adorable wombats!


Glad you're home safe!

Would you wish to try Zand (brand) Allergy Season? I also have pollen allergies and am also very sensitive to many artificial chemical products.

Allegy Season, an herbal and supplement product, takes the edge (about 90-95%) off the allergy reaction without hitting me on the haid. An anciano with a four-year-old and a seven-year-old (not to mention Pat!), I have to stay as sharp as I can. We believe Bet Yeager, four, might become an attorney- not that we recommend it, she is such a sharp discusser.

It can be a little hard to find in health food stores, but Vitacost.com usually has it in stock. It's normally the only allergy product I'll use...

Hey hey hey, no defaming weasles! My five ferrets are cuddly bundles of thievish love and have never invaded anybody's sinuses. How about Evil Republicans? or Evil Trolls? Evil Republican Trolls?

That having been said, feel better soon! Allergies are a bitch and a half to have to deal with.

Welcome back, hope you feel better soon!

I have no idea if you often us the postal service but right now the "forever" stamps are birds. Just in case you need some.

Y'know, I had no idea why everyone who had a table was always so dead by day 3 of a con - you're mostly just sitting! What could go wrong? Sweet baby Jesus did I learn better, even for someone who's fairly extroverted, having to be constantly "on" in sales mode for 3 days is EXHAUSTING.

A couple days late on this but: evil weasels. This is why we love you so.

Feel better!

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