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So MCA Hogarth and I were chatting about free time, and I said I believed in the ancient legends and then she drew us looking at a Free Time and then I drew another Free Time and then she drew a Deadline and then made the class Deadline Slayer and then since we were apparently making character classes anyway...

There are prints. Of course.

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So awesome! I want a print. I am surprised she does not have the stereotypical cat, but it is a good surprise.

I love this drawing. It is delightful. I feel compelled to point out that it's impostor, not imposter, though.

Imposter is when you haven't updated your professional blog in, like, eight months.

(Deleted comment)
It may be one of those illusionary Free Times that other people think you have...

Oh, is *that* what a free time looks like?

[Also, I'm now wondering if the Illusory Free Time is actually not imaginary, but merely a similar species with which the Free Time is easily confused. Distinguishing marks might include gnawing guilt and invisibility to those not pursuing it.]

Edited at 2014-07-14 03:36 pm (UTC)

Just one more reason to have a US-NHS.

Ohmygod....this is my life now.

See, the problem is that we're both narrative artists (or visual storytellers), so once we make an image, we start accreting a mythology/world around it, and if there are two of us doing it, it happens faster, and pretty soon I wake up to 264 twitter notifications and the only way I can be sure to see a conversation with you at all is to address you directly or it gets lost in an avalanche of retweets/favorites. >.>

Not complaining, but oh de lally, let's hope a deadline ambushes ONE of us and we pause a moment to catch our breath...

Fortunately I smell a deadline just around the corner...

I will not draw the deadline attacking the pen priest.

*puts hand in cone of shame* THERE.

I may have favorited everything. BUT HOW COULD I NOT?!!

I haven't heard that since Robin Hood! The GOOD one, with the foxes and bears and chickens. Now I have clips running through my head. (^_^)

I want this up on my wall!

I totally want a T-shirt of the Deadline Slayer.

Or a nice color print to hang over my monitor.

I know, it's by Hogarth, not you, but I'M NOT ON TWITTER so I can't tell Hogarth that!

(The Pen Priest is excellent too, but I am in dire need of a Deadline Slayer today.)

They would make great tee shirts!

Now, what would a Plot hole/ device look like?

This would make a cracktastic RPG.

(Deleted comment)
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