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I hate when you have bad dreams and they stick to you when you wake up. I took a shower and it's still sort of stuck to my legs, like shreds of grey plastic.

Running prints is not a high brain-power gig, but it keeps me from thinking too much, and that's something.

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Ugh... know that entirely. Had a dream in the past week of our foster rats being seized and euthanized because we brought them with us on a trip to Hawaii. Went to do a head count before I could sleep again.

I had that a couple of weeks ago. Took a couple of days for all the sticky unpleasantness to wear off, and I felt unsettled the entire time.

And then eventually I had a shoujo-manga dream starring Daniel Radcliffe, and things improved. Although I am still not entirely sure WHY it was DR in the dream...

Ooh, yeah, no bueno. I know exactly what that feels like. Although I did get one really good song that way once...

Augh yeah, they do stuck. Keeping busy, maybe even more busy than normal, usually does the trick.

Ursula, may I ask a question? I'm currently in the market for a new printer, and I followed your recommendation last time and was very pleased with the result. What printer are you currently using?

I'm currently on an EpsonStylus Photo R3000. It's not terribly cheap, but it's solid as a rock and the last one before you jump into the thousands of dollars monster printers.

Thanks very much! I'll check it out! ^_^

Ugh, yeah, bad dream hangovers are awful. Finding a task that occupies the right amount of your brain is the best strategy I've found too.

Wow...that's well said. Sorry...

**nods** I know exactly what you mean. I have a recurring dream, one I've had since I was five years old, where I cause a small child to die by accident. It's always a completely random event and nothing that could be foreseen and it's never the same-- farm equipment accident, shooting arrows from up in a tree, accidentally knocking a stone wall over onto the kid; I don't know what the hell I did to start having that at five but I do not enjoy it at all. When I have it, it hangs over me for days. So, my complete sympathies; they're awful.

Just a random internet stranger here to offer sympathies and e-hugs. That's an awful dream and I'm so sorry it's a recurring one for you. *hugs*

Thanks; that's very kind of you. It IS awful, but it happens much less now. Sweet dreams to you, random internet stranger, and hugs right back!

May your day be full of happy turtles instead :)

Ok, so maybe I'm weird. But I don't dream. At. All.

I do however, wake up in a mood sometimes. Oft times it's a product of whatever happens immediately before coffee and just after achieving an ambulant status, [I wouldn't necessarily call it waking up], but not always.

Personally, I find music helps. I slap on my headphones and just..let... go...

Probably more accurate that you don't remember dreams. Research has shown that if humans don't get any REM sleep (the dreaming bit) we tend to have psychotic episodes after about 3 days.

I either don't have or don't remember nightmares but do have the odd anxiety dream.

You're probably right... and the purple llama agrees as well.

A friend and I came up with the term "Dream Scum". Because essentially there are some dreams that just stick to you all day long like hard water.

That is the perfect term. Because you can feel it on your skin and it makes you itchy.

I find that my bad dreams tend to stick in my hair, like burrs. Some days, no amount of brushing helps.

I hope you managed to scrape them off the other day, and they're not still clinging to your ankles like you stepped into a discarded shopping bag.

Ah yes.. Know that pretty well.. Unpleasant.

That eing swaid, having the good dreams stick to you can be a fine thing. I still remember the time I was riding a stuffed walrus around the sky, Falkor-style...

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