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I hate when you have bad dreams and they stick to you when you wake up. I took a shower and it's still sort of stuck to my legs, like shreds of grey plastic.

Running prints is not a high brain-power gig, but it keeps me from thinking too much, and that's something.

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**nods** I know exactly what you mean. I have a recurring dream, one I've had since I was five years old, where I cause a small child to die by accident. It's always a completely random event and nothing that could be foreseen and it's never the same-- farm equipment accident, shooting arrows from up in a tree, accidentally knocking a stone wall over onto the kid; I don't know what the hell I did to start having that at five but I do not enjoy it at all. When I have it, it hangs over me for days. So, my complete sympathies; they're awful.

Just a random internet stranger here to offer sympathies and e-hugs. That's an awful dream and I'm so sorry it's a recurring one for you. *hugs*

Thanks; that's very kind of you. It IS awful, but it happens much less now. Sweet dreams to you, random internet stranger, and hugs right back!

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