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Toad Words Launch Day!

And we are live, gang!

(I'm including the cover again so we all remember what I'm talking about...)


An ePub version only is available via Smashwords.

Amazon Kindle Version

It's Kindley! (Please note, link is to the US store, but it's live worldwide, you may just have to search on Amazon for "T. Kingfisher.")


Impressively fast turnaround from Draft2Digital for this one. (If anybody grabs this one, please let me know if the formatting transferred okay--I checked the D2D draft, but it's not quite the same as having an e-reader of that type!)

Barnes & Noble/Nook

One day turnaround from Draft2Digital!


Okay, Draft2Digital is getting a tentative mega-thumbs-up from me. We'll see how they do on the payouts, but so far...holy mackerel.

PDF version

If you can only read PDFs, don't despair! I will happily sell you one directly for 3.99 via Paypal! E-mail me at ursulav (at) gmail.com and we will make it happen!

Review Copies

If you're a book reviewer and would like a free copy of Toad Words, shoot me an e-mail at ursulav (at) gmail.com with a link to your site and the format you'd prefer, and I am delighted to send one out!

But Where Do You Get The Most Money?

I love you guys. I get the most money via Smashwords, at the moment, followed by Amazon, though Amazon pays it out a LOT faster. However, we're talking a matter of a couple cents and I really want you to get it in the format that is most convenient to you. If you'd like to support me, the best thing you can do is leave an honest review (and by that I actually really mean "honest" because I don't read my reviews, so you can say anything you want and my feelings won't be hurt) on whatever platform you like to read on. Reviews may lead other people to buy the book, and that's worth way more than the nickel or so between various platforms.

I Found A Problem

Thank you for letting me know! Comment here and let's see if it's something I can fix. (Formatting between devices is occasionally wonky and not always within my control, but I will do my best!)

Will There Be A Print Volume?

Not at the moment. If somebody in the small-press world wanted to make me an offer, I'm totally willing to entertain the option, but it's not something I'm currently set up to do myself, and I'd rather not do it than do it badly (and oh, but the internet has made it easy for someone like me to do it very, very badly!) I could (and may be forced to!) learn the pre-press ropes to do a POD version someday, but I suspect it would cost a lot more than 3.99.

So it's all e-stuff and not print book?

No print book at this time, though if somebody wants to jump on it, I shall not say no! Hmm, I should mention that in the post...

Purchased! Posted on facebook! (and I almost never go on facebook anymore) Told myself I should not start reading until I've got my grading finished, as final grades for summer semester are due at 5 today! Started reading anyway!

Also, I admit I got a little teary-eyed at the dedication. <3 Ben.

Can't purchase right now, but have logged it in my goodreads to-read list, which also means that in about ten minutes, T. Kingfisher's goodreads author profile will list said book right below Nine Goblins.

Oh, awesome! Thank you!

Pssst, people in the small-press world, make Ursula an offer. We will love you ;o;

And remember that will be really FISCAL love. Really Really....

Oops, I skipped right to the links and missed that I won't be able to just read it online with Smashwords. Which option should I actually funnel money into to be able to just read it online?

ePubs can be read in your browser using browser addons; I use ePub Reader for Firefox and almost exclusively read ebooks in that format.

I bought mine from Amazon and am now going to read it.

So glad it is on Amazon. Got mine! <3

Edited at 2014-08-05 11:26 pm (UTC)

It has refused to give pricing information and linked me to the books that the British are permitted to read...

Please could you permit your books to go to world-wide distribution?

Got it!
And so glad you saw the Tumblr post! Advertise!advertise!advertise!

I know amazon does print on demand books? would that be something you would be interested in? i tend to prefer print to ebooks, and would love to have these to add to my set!

CreateSpace, Amazon's POD division, is still a steep learning curve. (I have something that /should/ go to there, but I need to make a company name for myself so I can buy an ISBN so I will not be too tied to the Zon Empire. Just In Case.)

That said, I know someone who might volunteer if they have time & are a fan.

I'm totally looking forward to reading this on the bus tomorrow. :)

Just bought the Kobo version. I'll let you know if there's anything that seems to be wonky.

Seconded. I haven't noticed anything yet; through the intro and into the stories.

Mine mine mine allllll mine.

Reading matter sorted for tonight.