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Off I Go!

I'm headed to London and thence to Berlin for the next eleven days, so...err...connectivity will be limited! I think!

Wish us luck...

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Have fun stormin' the castle!

Viel glück! Viel spaß! Gute Reise!

Don't forget your European field guide!

(If you have one. I assume you do.)

Have fun!

Many Wursts und Bier und Cider!

Good luck!

Have fun! Check with www.atlasobscura.com if you want to find weird and wacky places to visit in both cities (and when you're wandering around Berlin, look for a remaining scrap of the Wall that has 'JEFFERSON, I THINK WE'RE LOST' painted on it in huge purple letters. No particular reason why; I just remember seeing that years ago and thought it was funny.)

Should come with the warning, "you will want to visit all the local sites immediately despite them not being open at this hour".

Now, I know what to show people when they come to Boston. Or maybe just Ursula.

Isn't AO wonderful? In a horrible, time-consuming, addictive sort of way? I love it enormously and now check it out every time I'm traveling somewhere-- there's gonna be *something* nearby that's listed, I'm certain of it! Enjoy!

Oooh good luck and have an amazing time! :D

Many of my friends are there for LonCon. I wish I was!

Remember, don't start a land war in Asia. Europe is fine.

Hope you have lots of fun and don't get con crud. Two conventions in a row, plus inbetween days to tourist europe. I'm envious. Birds. Gotta catch them all!

Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy lots of tasty sausage, tasty beer, tasty cider, tasty REALLY cheap Ritter-Sport bars, and other tasty food!

And Kindar-Eier! Kindar-Eggs are wonderful things, om nom nom...

We've been to Berlin less than a month ago! If you get the chance I heartily recommend DesignPanopticon in Torstraße 201, it's a small quirky museum (more like an accumulation of bizarre things) that I think you'd like!

If there is such a thing as luck, may you have the best of it!

Have a wonderful time!

Have fun! I hope the inhabitants of my old hometown Berlin will treat you well. They tend to be a bit grim.

Have a great time!

Good to see you at Mythcon, and (mostly in passing) at Loncon!

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