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Just Right


No one on earth will ever make me feel shame about reading children's books.

A girl who's a wizard with a pet badger? Sold! I want that book.

Same here!!

(Also, hurray for children's books -- "Dogsbody," the Dark is Rising series, "Ratha's Creature" and "Tomorrow's Sphinx," the first few Harry Potter books, "Stoneflight," Madeleine L'Engle and Anne McCaffrey and Daniel Pinkwater and "The Egypt Game" and "The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" . . . they're all worth keeping and re-reading and passing on to new generations and picking them up again because you love them and they're amazing.)


And then, of course, young-adult books can be so amazing -- Margaret Mahy's "The Tricksters," Lanie Taylor's "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" trilogy, Tanith Lee (selections -- although I read quite a bit of *adult* Tanith Lee in my tweens, and enjoyed it immensely), Weetzie Bat, all of it. It's timeless.

(I also realized that I completely unintentionally came up with a list of almost-entirely-female writers . . . which may explain why children's books and fantasy and young-adult novels can be so appealing, because it's a break from Serious Male Writers Explaining Serious Things sometimes. Not that men can't be playful and imaginative and profound, but some of the shining examples of books that made my childhood and adolescence something other than a bleak and blasted hell were written by women, and that may not be a coincidence.)

-- A <3

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When will Hangnail Castle be available for us adoring fans?

April 2015, according to the spine!

There is a special place on my bookshelves reserved for my (nearly complete) collection of Moomin books :)

And I have been on a quest to collect all of the Elleston Trevor childrens books (lots of talking animals having adventures), some are collectibles now and quite hard to get but Abebooks is my friend.

You might like them Ursula, there are two books about Wumpus a koala and his penguin friend :)

Omg the Moomin series! I adore those.

But we can still read books about antlered does fighting to protect their harems, yes?

Good books are good books, no matter the intended audience. ^.^

FYI (and slightly off subject) - Last night I had to go to the ER due to my allergies. While waiting for the meds to take affect, I asked my housemate who drove me there and is *never* without his Surface Pro (I swear he carries the thing around like a security blanket) to read 'Nine Goblins' to me. We were across from the nurses station and after a couple of paragraphs, my attending nurse walked over and opened the door to my room wider. I think we had a little audience. We got 1/2 way though and am really enjoying it. Thank you!

Oh wow! That's awesome--I mean, the reading, not that you had an allergy attack that sent you to the ER! Hope you feel better soon!

Absolutely. I adore Dragonbreath, for example. :D I seem to be half behind in the series though. I'll get them eventually. I'm sure the rest are wonderful. :)

Love young adult too, and sometimes "grown-up" books too.


I still read infants' board books and those tiny books made of cloth! The latter I chew on! And don't shame me for my diaper accidents!

I am reminded of the all-purpose caption that is said to fit every New Yorker cartoon.

'Round here, the WHOLE FAMILY reads Danny Dragonbreath. AND WE LIKE IT.

Three cheers for children's books.

No one on earth had better ever make you ashamed of WRITING children's books. What would we all DO???!!!!

There's a reason I just re-binged on Diana Wynne Jones, with a side order of George Macdonald in the middle. (The latter, while not exactly visited by the suck fairy, did lose a little of the shine they had when I *was* a child. But Jones will forever be on my consolatory reading list, and she remains the famous person I didn't personally know whose definitely-too-soon passing I am most upset about after Jim Henson.)

Someday I'm gonna get nerve enough to tell Dianne Duane how much her books, from her Star Trek novels to her Tale of the Five to her Young Wizard series, has literally shaped a large chunk of my life for the better. I owe her a debt, no joking here.

So, so many good kids' books! The Dark Is Rising series, the Green Knowe books, the freaking gorgeous Churchmouse series by Graham Oakley, all of Heinlein's YA stuff, Joan Aiken and Margaret Mahey and the Chrestomanci books and my beautiful many-times-reread copy of The Selchie's Seed by Shulamith Oppenheim and my equally worn copy of Talargain by Joyce Gard. So many! Without them I would be so much less. I read the entire Grimm's Fairy Tales at age 8 (whooooo, nightmare fuel), the Golden Bough at 10 and the entire Sherlock Holmes set the next year; all of it and all the rest have been like compost for me to grow in my whole life, and who can live without good nourishment? ^_^

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Tell her. She'd be delighted. I say this from experience, having said similar things to her once or twice. :)

They will pry my "childrens" books from my cold dead hands first, I would never give up on Narnia, Moominland, my copies of The Dark Is Rising, The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen, Toms Midnight Garden, Minnow on The Say, The Chronicles of Prydain, I have read ALL of these books within the last year, and my favourite kids book of all time, Where The Wild Things are, followed by CatWitch, which has THE most amazing illustrations ever.