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All the Work

This book needs editing, and so does this one, and this one needs tweaking and this one has art edits and I need to write three Hidden Almanacs before Kevin goes out of town and I just upgraded Painter so my entire workflow is not just broken but ON FIRE.

Carry on.

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Have a drink and keep calm.

All I can offer is a fire extinguisher for the Painter fun. Interested?

Hugs? I'd offer chocolate fondant, but the time it get to you, it will probably have evolved into it's own life form...

But that would be a good thing! If it evolved, Ursula would have to call it Fondant Bob (or maybe Chocolate Bob) and we would get stories about how it lurks in the garden scaring the squirrels.

A book you need!

Apropos of nothing in particular, here is a book that made me think of you the instant I saw it:

Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod
by Brian Kesinger

A friend brought it home from Dragon Con--and there's a companion book as well:

Coloring With Your Octopus: A Coloring Book For Domesticated Cephalopods

Both are adorable and you need them right away.

Yes, when it come to making people buy more books, I am an enabler. And proud. ;-)


Re: A book you need!

I own Walking Your Octopus already! It's awesome!

Leaves sacrificial tea and treats at the altar to appease the squash god.

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