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I wrote a thing at Bull Spec!

...which is a local SF magazine. But this thing is on-line. They wanted an article for their column "The Hardest Part" about the tough part of any given project, so here's T. Kingfisher talking about the hard part of assembling Toad Words.

The Hardest Part

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Hey Ursula, NZ calling here :)

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Toad Words, I read the original short and enjoyed its quirky cleverness and of course purchased the anthology.

I wanted to share this with you because I DONT LIKE SHORT STORIES!!! But I love yours for some reason - my personal faves were the Little Mermaid retelling, Snow White and the clever pigs and the Beast - these are the ones that stayed with me.

And I never noticed anything about the way the stories were laid out, but as I said I dont read short stories normally so all I can say is there was no negative impact there if that helps.

BTW I want MORE GOBLINS PLEASE, when you have a moment :)

That was a fun little piece. I was amused by the final bio line saying that T. Kingfisher had won the Hugo and Mythopoeic awards "under the name of Ursula Vernon." Makes me think of Pooh living the Hundred Acre Wood under the name of Saunders.

Toad Words was the first thing I ever ever bought for my e-reader. :)

I was stupid thrilled to be able to actually BUY some of your short stories, and to find The Wolf and the Woodsman in the mix!

I just finished the book "Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men"
By Lundy Bancroft, and it's spooky how many of the bullet points you hit in that ones.

(I look forward to potentially paying money someday for some version of the rosemary smelling accountant, and/or the escape from the asylum).

Unrelatedly to the main conversation, thank you for mentioning that book: it sounds like something that would be useful for a project I'm working on, and it appears the local library has a copy...

I actually bought that book not that long ago for research!

The case studies are more useful for a writer trying to write something ringing true than the more abstracts, but yeah. Interesting (if grim) stuff.

I think the order was really good. It was nice to have a lighter one sprinkled throughout, personally.

Really loved all the stories, would love a print version someday!

Oh, good! Thank you--I really did labor over what order. There was a lot of fiddling for a couple of days until I eventually went "I'm dithering. I WILL STOP."

... somehow I missed this anthology. I must rectify this. *toddles off to Amazon*

There. Rectified. I think this shall be next on my TBR. I've been in the mood for stories. ^_^

If publicity in the News & Observer or The Indy is ever something you feel like you want, let me know. I know a guy that writes for both. He actually lives in Pittsboro, is a sci-fi nerd, and has small children, so you've got all the points of interest in there for him.


I will be acquiring the book shortly, and the article was quite entertaining. But the pedant in me must point out that Toad Words is a collection, not an anthology. The former is stories by a single author; the latter is a collection of stories by multiple authors.

Looking forward to seeing more of these.

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