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My Favorite Teacher

So Scholastic approached me awhile back to do an illustration for their "My Favorite Teacher" campaign, and this is what I came up with!


Even though I am basically as busy as a human can possibly be without dying, I forewent sleep for this one. Partly because of Ms. Faunce, my high school freshman English teacher, who told me I could be a wordsmith, and partly because it was so cool that a big publisher wanted my art. (I mean, obviously Penguin and Random House have both wanted my art in the past, but they've always wanted it with my words attached. I love writing, but the illustrator in me was very flattered that somebody in New York thought I could do art that stood on its own in august company without having my words along to do the heavy lifting, if that makes any sense at all.) (Also, they paid really well.)

Since it's not out in the wild yet, they asked me to put this paragraph with it when I post it:

Created as part of Scholastic Reading Club's year-long celebration of teachers. Teachers change the lives of their students every day. Sometimes a small moment has a huge impact on a child's future. Other times it's the year-long influence in a classroom that can change the course of a student's entire life. Scholastic Reading Club is celebrating favorite teachers this year and will be interviewing students, parents, authors, illustrators, and celebrities about teachers who impacted their lives. If you'd like to share your own memories, you can email them to: judy.newman (at) scholastic.com

(E-mail altered so as to save the poor person on the other end from spambots)

Anyway, I thought that was pretty neat. And now, back to drawing ALL THE HAMSTERS FOREVER...

And these reading dragons remind me of one of my all-time-fav books....about literary, poetry-writing *dinosaurs* (that book is Walter Moers' The City of Dreaming Books , btw)

Cool illustration!

That *is* pretty neat, to understate things dramatically.

I love the illustration, too!

It's very cool that you were asked to do that -- congratulations! And the art you came up with is adorable; I love how smugly happy the adult dragon looks. :-)

This is excellent -- it's the wonderful expressions on their faces that make it perfect. :)

The glee on the little ones face is awesome.

That's my favorite part too. "AMG EEEE!"

Can we get this on a bookplate? Or a greeting card? I'd love to have this on a card I can use when I gift someone with a book.

Nope, Scholastic holds the rights on this sucker, so I'm not doing any merchandising. They may do something like that, though!

Im feeling a slight Randall Spangler moment :)

This is totes adorbs!

It was my 5th grade Media Specialist who told me I could work in libraries and be next to books all my life.
I've never looked back.

That is so awesome!! I'm going to have to check back with Scholastic regularly until it's available on posters or shirts or something. (Please, please tell me that it will be available on posters or shirts or something!) Also, it's very cool that Scholastic approached you to do the artwork. Yay!

Yes please!

Update us if you find out!

That is so adorable! I'm excited to know when the complete project will be available from Scholastic - I'm a teacher, and if the other work is as lovely as yours, I would love to own and display it in my classroom.

My eyes might be burning a little bit from happy potential tears, just so you know. Because it's THAT COOL.

I bet that's the teacher that gave your Baby Bear the book he/she's reading ... the one with the wizard made of wolves. For that matter, it might be the one the dragon is reading.

Awwwwwww..... that's just cute as hell. Look at the smiles on both their faces!

When I was three, my brother taught me to read. And there was a librarian, a retired teacher, at the kid's section of the public library branch that we used who was ALWAYS there when we went-- I think I honestly believed that she lived there (and maybe she did; who knows?) She was the first adult outside of my family to believe me when I said I could read books, and the first to let me keep a stack in a drawer of her desk; I owe her so, so, so much. I never knew her name, because she had an enormous cowry shell that she'd let all us kids hold up to our ears to hear the sea rushing through-- and we all called her Mrs. Cowry.

Dear Mrs. Cowry, you're probably many years dead now, gone to where good librarians and teachers go; but I remember you. And that dragon up there smiles the same way you used to when you'd show me a new book.

Love the combination of Little One's excitement and Bigger One's shared pleasure and contentment. :)

The style and subject of this really, really reminds me of the old Serendipity books--except weirder and slightly more creepy-eyed in a cute sort of way.