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Out of the Hat


I keep pulling rabbits out of this hat.

It was fine at first. People were grateful. Nothing wrong with that.

But I kept pulling them out. And now they’ve gone strange and there’s something wrong with their faces. I don’t like the way they look at me.

But what can I do? People still expect rabbits…

Prints available! I was feeling sort of Arthur Rackham and then it got a bit weird on me.

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That is like the Gollum of rabbits.

Rackham took a bit of a turn towards Froud, methinks- I love it. I want to live in the world where that happens.

That is disturbing.
You, on the other hand, are amazing.
You create things!

The way this is phrased makes me expect that people were eating the magic rabbits. Because why else would you be grateful for rabbits? But magic will extract its price, one way or another...

I'll be buying a print at Anthrocon, because your rabbits rock.

Barbed-wire rabbits? Not disturbing at all. Haha.

Before they went strange were they eatin' rabbits or cuddlin' rabbits?

Or shearin' rabbits? :-D

I especially love the wire/thorn ear-cuff and how the smoke outlines that hindfoot ...

(Deleted comment)
Is that "10 / π" on the card on the hat?

Rackham explains the trees, but that rabbit evidently had Fiver for a dad.

by the way . I'm an illustrator as well.

Its Fiver dreaming in the burrow thats too safe....the wires, the wires!

"It got weird on me."

That should be your epitaph.

It is a vast improvement over "This reminds me of Labyrinth."

How about "This reminds me of Dr. Seuss"? In particular, The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins... Similar problem, except he kept pulling more HATS out of his hat...

I would suggest "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I turned pro... and liked it." Also, the *eyes* on that critter make me very nervous. **shivers**


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That is amazing! But, then, all of your art is amazing!

Gorgeous work. That is not a lucky rabbit. Or perhaps it is not your luck.

How does one "fave" an LJ post!?

A new take on Br'er Rabbit?

I like.

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