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I am home from travel that involved getting stuck in Springfield, IL, and I am very tired and also I just recorded a KUEC and I am a little tipsy. Mostly I am tired.

Tomorrow I hope to be less tired!

For tonight, gonna curl up with tea and Bravely Default.

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Hope you weren't stuck in Springfield for too long?
»waves« at you long distance/temporally, from Saint Louis.

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If you're going to default, bravely is the way to do it. Better Argentina than Lloyds of London.

Incidentally, there are at least 17 Springfields in the USofA.

I am having a hard time figuring out how one gets stuck in Springfield, IL, but perhaps that is simply because I have always been driving my own vehicle every time I was going through there (and the one time I was being all touristy there with... over a hundred 11-year-olds.)

But anyway, also waving from St. Louis.

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The recent issue with the air traffic control system at Chicago continues to have repercussions, sadly.

Duh... I didn't even consider that that was a place they would divert to.

I know a bunch of folks from here that (unwisely) went ahead and flew up to Chicago even after the fire, and then would have been stuck there had not wiser heads driven up. WTF anybody from StL ever flies to (as opposed to through) Chicago is beyond me. By the time you consider commutes to/from the airports and dealing with security and possibly renting a car, it really is faster to drive.

The big problem was that they kept cancelling the flights, since Springfield was so small I guess they thought it would have minimal repercussions. I wasn't even thinking of it--it was a business trip set up by other people, so I just got on the plane. (For a brief period, I thought I was going to Ohio. I arrived in Illinois and was like "Wait, what? Okay...")

Y'know, A LOT of people say that same thing when they arrive in Illinois...

Welcome back and sleep well. :)

Um..... Is 'Bravely Default' a cat? A dog? A pangolin, lemur, wombat or capybara? Or somebody Kevin should know about? Juuuuuuust wondering; interesting name. Sounds sort of Welsh.

Its a game for the Nintendo 3DS

>_>....... Uhuh.......

It also sounds like one of those Puritan names, like Virtue-Hath-Heavenly-Rewards Astringer, Devotion-To-God Gumption or Pride-Goeth-Before-A-Fall Wilmington. This could be a righteous church-goin' man whose full name is Bravely-Walk-Through-The-Valley-Of-The-Shadow-Of-Death DeFault.

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Re: tvo9 kisa xorosha)

qwertyuiop asdfghjkl;

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