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Coming in November!

Well, in happier news...


Coming in November, an honest-to-god novel! This is another fairy-tale retelling, best known to long-time blog readers as "The One With The Hedgehog."

(Seriously considered calling it that, but it's a pretty weird dark story, so I decided against it. Also, if I put the hedgehog on the cover, people would probably get entirely the wrong idea about cute little stories with woodland critters...)

Those of us who know you would know as Kingfisher, there's no such thing as "cute".

November? I have my Christmas present!

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and again most wonderful!"

(Deleted comment)
I was just thinking the same thing!

Yessss~ If you need a proofreader, you know who to poke! ;)

I most certainly hope to poke you!

It's not as if this is the first time I've seen this pseudonym, but only now does it occur to me to ask: What's the "T" stand for?

You could put the hedgehog on *in addition* to the vulture skull with worms crawling out of it. I'm just guessing here, but it might give a fairly good sense of the tone of the book.

I'm loving _Nine Goblins_ BTW. It is my official "I woke up in the night and can't sleep but am hoping that won't be the case all night" comfort reading now.

Oh, wow! That's awesome to hear--thank you!

*adds to calendar*

I saw 2 people wearing Digger t shirts at NecronomiCon in Tampa last weekend.

... and he and I found each other, too. :D

Many congrats on the book-to-be!

Edited at 2014-10-07 02:12 am (UTC)

Sweet merciful Glob, I had no idea you were still working on this one! :D Count me in for next month.

I just made an inhumane screeching noise that scared my poor cat into hiding under the bed. I might be a little excited. ;)

How would one go about pre-ordering? Also, thank you. I tracked down a copy of The Wood Wife based on your recommendation in the intro to Toad Words. I spent the first 60 pages wondering why this was your favorite comfort read. Then I understood. Brilliant.

Alas, not yet set up for pre-orders on self-pubbed stuff--I'm not sure it's possible yet for some of the formats!