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Behold the cover flats for Hamster Princess 1, in all their glitter-soaked glory!

My inner eight-year-old girl is going nuts. Also the publisher clearly loves me--glitter ain't cheap.

And of course, now the books will get into EVERYTHING. (Hopefully including bookstores and award lists and the hands of small children!)

...also, the difference between the two covers in this and the post directly before it are...um...I'M COMPLICATED, OKAY?

Ah, glitter . . .

I once made the mistake of doing a craft project program at my library and I gave the kids loose glitter instead of glitter pens.


Pity our poor building cleanup crew.

And congrats on the new book!!


Glitter in a building is like herpes. Once you have it, you will never be rid of it.

Does this mean you are retiring Danny? Or will you be writing and drawing two cute/G-rated serieses at the same time? I can only imagine how that would lead dear T Kingfisher down paths Clive Barker abandoned for being to scary and icky.

Oh, and congratulations. Will this come out in UK, do you know?

There will be at least 11, probably 12 Dragonbreath books, so there's likely two left, and I won't swear they won't drive up a dump truck of money for another one. I may wind up in a one-hamster one-dragon a year scenario.

UK I don't know about--I certainly hope so! (Did the Dragonbreath books? I confess, I am not entirely sure...)

Great, another series I'll have to read over and over to Rosie. Got to teach that girl to read soon.


Complicated is great! We're all complicated and like all the things!

Be as complicated as you please, just as long as you keep producing awesome art and wonderful writing.

(That was accidentally alliterative. Kinda cool.)

Marketing Quail Markets, loudly :)

Congrats on the awesome cover, your publisher is pretty darn cool to invest in that level of awesome!


Congrats -- and...that looks neat!

I do find the contrast between that cover and the Kingfisher cover rather amusing, yes.

SO. GLITTERY! That's really terrific. :)

I need this in my life.

I mean, I don't have kids or anything. I just need this in my life because of reasons. (Mostly glitter, yeah.)

This looks fabulous. Do you have a publication date? WANT.

My nine year old daughter, who has faithfully read and re-read and re-re-read every single Dragonsbreath novel, came into the room as I was looking at this post, glanced over my shoulder said "Squeeee!" I was not previously aware that anyone actually said "Squee." She may also have bounced and demanded to know when she could have the book.

You have found your niche audience.

My kid is going to love this, I suspect. (Even if you don't have her meet the Dread Pirate Shrew. O;> )

...also, the difference between the two covers in this and the post directly before it are...um...I'M COMPLICATED, OKAY?

They are incredibly subtle that can't be seen in a photo, but are obvious in person? ;)