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The Dryad's Shoe

My short story in the Women Destroy Fantasy collection is available to read on-line!

The Dryad's Shoe

If you enjoy it, please consider buying either the e-book or print volume from Fantasy Magazine of the whole issue--it is some super cool stuff.

And can I just say how awesome it is to have been involved in this project? I was so honored that Cat Rambo seized this one. I frequently lack the energy or the sanity to really get both hands into all the worthy causes that I should and being able to be part of WDF and the whole we-are-part-of-fantasy-no-matter-what-the-haters-say awesomness of it is just...whoa.

(It's also T. Kingfisher's first trad publishing credit, so, y'know. How cool izzat?)

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I didn't care for the nonfiction myself

but the fiction was all top-notch & led me to several awesome writers I'd not known of before

Oh my gosh. The bit about the fig tree parable! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's brilliant! I am with Hannah!

I love sensible heroines!

And may I say that the pic of you at the end is QUITE good. Was it one of the professional ones you had done a few years ago?

I love Hanna's point of view. So sensible!

So cool. And such a great story. Thanks and congrats!

Great story. Thanks for letting us read it.

Awesome and adorable~ That poor little bird XD Stuck with a girl who doesn't really care about marrying a duke's son. X3

What a wonderful treat! :D I feel Hannah and I would be kindred spirits *nodnod*

Hannah was wonderful, but I'm also so glad about Anabel -- and Kara getting her own happy ending as well. Different paths for different people, friends though they may be.

Well that was the best Cinderella thrashing I've ever read, and it moved along at a sprightly pace. Much better than many of the novels I've read recently, which dragged on interminably.

It is a lovely story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in the WDF issue. I don't know if it was because I read Emma Bull's story “Silver or Gold” shortly after yours, but that seemed to be in much the same mould - sensible down'to earth young woman, bit players who have personality rather than being cardboard, and the same sense of "Let's try to do our best and help each other, and be sensible and kind, and try to stop people when they are being mean" low-key philosophy that permeates a lot of your work. It was quite fascinating to compare and contrast.

I particularly liked the bit about poison ivy.

The interview was also great fun to read!

LOVED IT!!! I'm adding Women Destroy Fantasy to my to-buy list right now.

Somewhere, that stepmother has a list of "awkward things I never thought I'd have to explain until I had children", and foot fetishes come in at number 11,498,705.

Also, the line about dryads not delivering the seeds of annuals made me crack up.

I really enjoyed this (WDF is on my ever-growing list of 'things to buy when I have money'). I especially loved the positive relationship Hannah built up with Anabel.

A good story and so you!

It is not every girl's wish to marry etc. That titmouse is in for a rough ride! And incidentally a long life, actually I now have a mental image of the enchanted bird or whatever deliberately sabotaging the romance in order to remain enchanted!

Loved it. Also loved the last line in your bio "both of her live in North Carolina" made me giggle

Did this make it into Toad Words?

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