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(no subject)

I will be at the Jamboree Road Barnes & Noble in Irvine, CA at 7:00 tonight!

Thursday, I'll be at Bookshop Santa Cruz at 4:30' and Friday at The Reading Bug in San Carlos at 4:00!

Stop by if you're in he area, say hi!

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I work close enough to that B&N that I could visit, but I've got a 7:30 meeting. Argle bargle.

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SF/Bay Area appearances?

Hey Ursula, I saw that you'll be at the Reading Bug in San Carlos this Friday, but I'll be working and can't make it. Are you making any other appearances in the SF/Bay area?

But... I could have been there. With one day's more notice I could have been there! You could have signed my Digger Omnibus! Gaaaagh!

Will you be in Southern California again on this tour?

I suppose showing up at one of the schools you'll be at would be weird.

(Weird, and hella-inconvenient, as I live on the East coast. Well, my state has an Atlantic coastline, at least.)

WHY do you do this shit when I'm in Chicago and can't get to Irvine?

"WHY do you do this shit when I'm in Chicago and can't get to Irvine?"

At least you're in Chicago with a way to go to Irvine. I'm stuck in Milwaukee until the end of the semester, possibly even longer ("professional college student".)

noooooooooooooooooooo sighs. just missed her *grins* Now I'm in San Diego.

Can't wait 'til you come to NYC!

You have got to eat at Cafe Brasil while you're in Santa Cruz! And see the monarch butterflies at Natural Bridges! And check out the arboretum up at UCSC..... The campus alone is beautiful. :) have a great time touring CA!

Also, and this is highly important: Go to the place immediately outside Bookshop Santa Cruz called Chocolat. Don't plan to eat there (I understand the savories aren't impressive), but order a hot chocolate. They'll do them to go, but you have to wait a bit. It's okay, it's worth it.

I also highly recommend Betty Burgers for food and adult milkshakes. They're on the same street as Bookshop.

No love for San Diego? =(

Actually, I came really close to making the Irvine one (I hope it went well!)-- hopefully next time I'll be able to make it!

...Bother. I am booked both days.

Banana Daquerrirs for PTerry...

What would UrsulaV like from fans?

Re: Banana Daquerrirs for PTerry...

I gave her 14 hard candies and cough drops, two of each of: butterscotch, root beer, cinnamon, peppermint, Luden's cherry, Ricola, and Hall's honey lemon.

I shall be making the drive up to Santa Cruz, I'm so glad I spotted the press release in time!

I wish I could make the San Carlos event, but it's a heck of a drive from my current locale. If you ever make it to the Sacramento area on book tour, though, I'll be sure to drop by. Hope you have a great time on your CA trip!

It was wonderful to meet you

Hi there, Ursula.

I just read your post on how thrashed you felt during and after this tour, but I thought to post this here since, well, it seemed like a quieter spot to say "hi", if that made any sense. Anyhow, I'm the woman who came down to the Barnes and Noble store with her (very) patient husband. I just wanted to say that I understand about feeling burnt out and beaten like a dusty rug after doing something so huge, but I also really, truly wanted to thank you for coming all the way out here. This sounds at least a little odd no matter how I try rewording it, so please forgive me the awkwardness, but I've been reading your stuff for so long that I've kind of thought you would be the sort of person I would really enjoy meeting and knowing, if that were ever possible. I certainly wouldn't say that I know you, although we always feel like we know the folks whose writing we read often enough, long enough, but I *did* have a wonderful time meeting you. You handled those kids pretty well, even the one with the constantly-difficult-to-answer questions, and you still had a little energy for a laugh after. I don't hope to hear that you'll be coming back to Los Angeles anytime soon, but if you ever did I would love to come again to whatever it was that you were doing and say "Hi!", perhaps with local honey and a D&D one-shot this time.


Also, "Hi" to Rooster from Forthiss of the "We are no(w/t) here to kill you!" squad.

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