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No, not a typo. I don't have any books currently close enough to done to throw myself into NaNoWriMo (and honestly, I am writing a children's book and editing and illustrating another one, so I don't have the mojo.) but I'm thinking of trying to make a Twine game. Which would be NaGaWriMo, or maybe Naga Wrimo, the great text-adventure serpent.

Some of you may remember, lo these many months ago, when I did the Cryptic Stitching Story Nexus game. I love the setting, I love the characters, I love the idea, and Story Nexus went into maintenance mode and won't be developed further, so my thought was to port it to Twine.

I'll be honest, I made kind of a hash of it. It's a BIG game (how did I make such a big game?) and I didn't know my way around Twine nearly well enough and was trying to make it do things it wasn't great at, and I was having to commit some dreadful coding sins there and it was kind of splurghly. I did not have enough of a clear master-document to know where I was and it got just...dense. I was hammering square pegs into holes that weren't even on the right side of the board.

But I love Cryptic and I don't want it to die.

So what I'm trying to do now is cook up a game that is unrelated and much much smaller. An hour or two to play, maybe, no complex grinding, just start here and go there. And this is undoubtedly what I should have done in the first place, because I already figured out a thing that I did wrong that would have saved me a lot of grief in Cryptic.

The new game is called Papercut Forest, and it takes places in a world entirely made of cut paper. It is not complicated, it is a small world and a small story and I am hoping to have it done by the end of November, barring incident.

And then, hopefully I will have learned enough from putting it together to throw myself at Cryptic from a better direction this time.

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Ooh, I look forward to the small game and to the continuation of Cryptic! I loved it as well

"Naga Wrimo" is the best idea I've heard today.

I would love to read a fairy tale about Naga Wrimo.

Yay! ^_^ I somehow imagine a post-November postmortem explaining the tactics and techniques might be interesting as well.

YESSS!!! If you are looking for beta-testers, I'd like to sign up. Cryptic was lovely; I got to see the mammoths' dance, and my arctic lungfish positively swaggered in his amber collar. I'd go exploring there again in a heartbeat, so if Papercut Forest is in any way similar, I want to get my passport and visa stamps as soon as possible.

Ooh, I would be thrilled to sign up, too, should that be helpful. I've enjoyed Cryptic Stitching so much.

I have a red tailed boa named Sheshanaga. He's a very nice snake, gives excellent neck massages.

I also offer my beta services for Papercut Forest. Cryptic was a joy to play and I didn't get as far as I wanted. Part of this was Real Life, I admit. Is it still accessible?

As far as I know, it still is! They haven't taken anything down, it's just not being developed any farther.

NaGaWriMo should be a thing anyway. I am pleased. :)

I enjoyed Cryptic but I got bogged down in endless grinding and never seemed to get anywhere and NOTHING is more irritating than that.

So a smaller option would be good - its one of the reasons I gave up on Fallen London (other than the ever increasing cost) is the sheer amt of grind necessary to get the components needed or your stats high enuf.

Plus their stories were extremely cryptic and I could never figure out what I was supposed to do next, and other than just flailing around wasting turns, I ended up reading the wikis so I had a clue.

Some people get really into the culture and mythology etc, but I just want to waste some time and have fun, like back when KOL was fun.

I'd love to volunteer to beta, given the option. And Naga Wrimo now needs his own alter at the base of Starship Titanic. (did anyone ever play that one, aside from me and my ex-husband?)

I never got very far into it - I couldn't work out how to think in its idiom, so relied on clues, and never got enough of them past the booklet they gave you - but I adored it nonetheless.

I suck. I blow. Anything else, I don't know.

Ha, I originally saw the abbreviation and read it as an accented "Naaht Gonna Write More." As in "All these writing projects are wearing me out, I'm going to take the month off."

I will be all over a new game AND any continuation of Cryptic Stitches. I had so much fun with it. :)

I believe the hashtag of choice is actually #NaGaDeMon. Yes... Naga Demon.

National Game Design Month. It's an actual thing, complete with website, resources, & etc.

Wow! Who knew? (Well, you, obviously...)

Nagas and gaming?
Now I wonder, if mythical beasties played RPGs, what would they be like?

this sounds fantastic!!! yeay!!

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