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I refuse to acknowledge that it is November. That's just not plausible.

In the unlikely even that it does prove to be November, "Seventh Bride" should be out this month (either next week or the week after--don't have a hard and fast date yet, owing to copyediting and travel) and there is a new Pokemon game landing near the end of the month, so I am just barely okay with the existence of such, but not happy about it.)

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I just want to crawl back under my blankets and refuse to acknowledge it. Of course, life has other plans. -_-

Seattle forecast for the foreseeable future: Rain turning to showers, increasing rain, rain turning to showers. It's decidedly November, alas.

Or as I look at it, "WOO it's finally cold enough to tolerate my husband!" - he's basically a space heater.

I'm excited about November because it means that at some point in time, I'm going to get a BREAK! I am so wicked excited you don't even know. I'm suffering badly from DEVOLSON (it's a teacher thing, look it up).

I am attempting to participate in NaNo, so I'm kind of happy. On the other hand, November means that the sun goes behind the mountains and won't be back to February. Fuck.

I'm pretty excited about "Seventh Bride" coming out! *\o/*

Also, this was the first I'd heard of the new Pokemon game, so now I'm all excited about that. :D

I had a scriptwriting professor back in college who hated November and was constantly trying to think of good things about it. The best he ever came up with was, "It's only 30 days long instead of 31." :)

I think the garden thermometer this morning would beg to differ... below freezing means November in my neck of the woods. Reluctantly, but still...

Another game?


I haven't finished the first one, yet...

November! It's finally cold enough to turn on my chair warmer! Good thing cats aren't allowed in the office.

While not actively opposed to the presence of November, I can't say I'm actually in favor of it, either. Plausible, however is another matter... it's not plausible that sane, happy people live in the state of Florida, yet I know for a fact they do. Plausible is the basis for deniablity for entire branches of government. 'Plausible' is a terrible basis acknowledged reality. I recommend going with least-regrettable -- and it sounds like acknowledging the presence of November will certainly qualify for being the least-regrettable action to be taken on the November Question.

(...and in the very minute case chance it isn't self-evident, I think iron-clad whimsy is pretty much the answer for anything...)

+11!11!!1!11111!eleventy!!!!1111 to this comment

(and I have a special place in my heart for November, since it's my natal month, but ... the time change. election day. short days. getting cold. gloomy.)

A sure sign of November in my neck of the woods. . .


Four referendums and several important offices are on the ballot (including Governor, Leftenant Governor, County Sheriff, at least one member of the House and the Attorney General.)

I can't wait until Political Season is over. Moreover, I wonder what'll happen if Walker is re-elected and he decides to run for Vice-/President in two years. *facepalmheaddeskwallbuilding*

I know that I'm going to curl up with a certain grey tabby "manager" when I get home, pretty much foregoing the Creole-style black beans and rice warming up in my slow cooker.

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