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Well, that was depressing but mostly expected. At least I went into the election with only the thinnest of hopes. (Thank you, Nate Silver, for keeping my expectations low!)

And the sun still comes up and the leaves turn and it's only a midterm, and gay marriage is still legal in my state and at least we voted a bunch of progressives into the county commissioners here who will hopefully put SOME brakes on the massive development about to eat Pittsboro, assuming there's any time left to do so. (Seriously, that was a clusterfuck. The developer claimed he'd accept input at every step and "we'd be in charge." These "input" conversations consisted of "This is bad." "Tough, we're not changing it." and "In the first draft, there was a buffer zone for the river here..." "Yeah, we changed that, because we wanted money." and "Your park is your septic field." "So?")

And Dragonbreath sales have been low this year because we had no new releases. Putting on my business hat, that was really not a good choice, and it happened entirely owing to poor planning on their part with the release schedule juggling. A year and a half is a very long time in kid's books, particularly when we were putting out two a year solidly beforehand. Plus a couple of books came out in paperback midway through the year, and that cannibalized the hardcover sales.

Regular releases are important for book sales, trade or self-pub. You have to keep people engaged in your world.

But we have four books out next year. Will that give it enough of a bump? We'll find out.

(I am not broke or anything, by the way, this isn't a "POVERTY COMETH!" moment, just a really uneven year in sales, as they sell hardbacks in the first half and the hardbacks get returned in the second half. Should you ever find yourself with a solid series, by the way, the first half makes the money, the second half gets nailed with returns, so stuff everything into savings before you go out and buy a car.)

On the bright side, Nurk! I actually got two hundred dollars from it this year! (Go, little shrew! You took awhile to find yourself, but I'm proud of you!)

One of these days I will do a big post about hybrid authordom and so forth, but probably not today. (Incidentally, if any of your are ever curious about sales numbers on self-pub and new book bumps and so forth, I've been keeping a self-pub thread going on the Absolute Write forums that details the business end there--it's mostly of interest for business types and math nerds (and perhaps those hoping to self-pub!) but since so much of publishing is still swamped in a mire of hopeful assumptions and lack of reliable data, it's my stab at providing a data point.)
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