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I was the Toastmaster for WIndycon 41! It was awesome. I mastered a lot of toast. That toast didn't know what hit it.

Also, I was made to talk in public, but that seems to have gone pretty well. Nobody threw things at me. I will never be an improv actor or stand-up comic, but with a friendly crowd hoping that Opening Ceremonies will not run four hours long, I am generally capable of being funny without being malicious and keeping a running commentary going, which is 95% of the job. The other 5% is reading little scraps of paper that people keep handing you with desperately vital announcements on them, usually written in somewhat cramped cursive that you are puzzling out while trying to talk.

It was fun and I was fairly lightly scheduled and didn't do a dealer's table, so it all worked very well. Got to see many great friends, drink with some of them, hang out with lots of authors (many of whom are also friends), be on panels that were occasionally contentious and eat ghost pepper ice cream. I regretted one of those decisions very much.

Kevin was inducted as a member of Dorsai Irregulars, a con security group that he's been working with for a few years, so my booth babe is now lost to me forever and Taliabear will probably be stuck helping me man tables until we are old. (And if any of you from Security comes after HER, swear to god, I will cut you.)

If you are unfamiliar with any of these people or with how con security functions, just assume Kevin won a lifetime achievement award for "Most Likely To Run Toward The Sound Of Vomiting."* The award is shaped like a hat. Anyway, I'm proud.

As is usually the case after a weekend of extroversion, I slept for approximately fourteen hours today and plan to do so again tomorrow. Lotta fun, would do it again, need nap now.

*This is 20% of con security. 40% is giving directions, 20% is checking badges and managing signing lines, and the other 20% of classified.

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The only thing sexier than Kevin... is Kevin wearing a beret. n.n

A local con had issues with congoers passing out in random places in the hotel one year and so we were extra vigilant the following year. If you've ever spent part of a convention helping inebriated congoers find their rooms and stopping them from sleeping on the stairs, you probably understand a portion of of what con security does. Good con security is hard to find and even harder to keep.

So you're willing to accept the loss of your husband to Con Security, but not Taliabear? Does she do a better Angry Bald Man impression?

I do a terrible Angry Bald Man impression, but judging by the number of incidences of mistaken identity, an apparently FABULOUS Ursula Vernon impression.

Going purely by my own (extensive) experiences helping run an artist's table at a con, all one really needs to do for cases of mistaken identity to start cropping up is be seen helping run an artist's table once in a while. This notably continues even after you've left the table, and sometimes even once you're at a completely different event. (Mind you, the artist in question here is actually my sister, so the confusion is probably much better justified in my case than in many.)

I suppose Ursula and I at least have somewhat similar general body shapes, but beyond that I think it's just the effect of being a woman at a table where she is supposed to be. I'm gonna wear a sign on my hat next year, since by day 3 of this past AC I had resorted to a hot pink Post-It note affixed to my forehead which read "NOT Ursula Vernon".

Or if you really wanted to screw with congoers

Get a wombat mask. You would get SO MUCH LOVE.

Re: Or if you really wanted to screw with congoers

I have joked that if I learn to fake her signature, we just need to Sharpie some tattoos on and I can be her extrovert stunt-double.

Major congratulations to Kevin for being accepted into the Dorsai Irregulars! Back in the days when Gordy Dickson and Bob Asprin were still alive, they made the last night of Discon II something I've remembered ever since. ("Ach, ja! Und now ve can sing ze old songs!") It was years before I realized "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" was an actual Broadway show tune and not an SCA filksong...

Edited at 2014-11-18 03:24 am (UTC)

**waves at the fellow SCAdian** Ahhhh, memories..... I've been in the SCA for more than three decades; I remember getting hold of a three-times-over copied tape of Bob Aprin's SCA stuff ('scuse me, that'd be "Yang the Nauseating's SCA stuff", actually, if you want to go by BA's SCA name) and listening to him sing the I-Am-Not-A-Ninja Polka, as well as lovely pieces like the Queen's Vanity, which got banished from being sung at SCA events for quite a number of years.

Tomorrow Belongs To Me, though..... if you poke around a bit further, you'll find that despite the use of it by Kander and Ebb in the Broadway musical 'Cabaret', it actually predates the production by a good bit (though supposedly they did modify the lyrics and tune somewhat.) It was originally a fairly innocent folk-song and it's a shame it got linked to Nazis and white supremacy and all that; it's really pretty.

I apologize for giving you the wrong impression; I've never been a SCAdian - it's just one of the groups of people I know about from being on its periphery.

Bob was going by Yang the Nauseating at the time, in fact, and since I'd never seen any SF authors in the flesh (and damn few in current pictures) I didn't even realize it was him. O, the embarrassment. As for the song, well, context is everything. There was a radio station in DC at the time that mostly played elevator music (101 Strings, Enoch Light and his Light Brigade, etc.) but on Sundays they had a show called "Matinee at One" which played soundtracks of Broadway musicals with just enough narration so you knew what was going on between the songs. For some reason, I don't recall hearing Cabaret there, at least not often enough for it to stick in my head, which is probably why I didn't recognize the song as being from there when I heard it at Discon.

Edited at 2014-11-18 07:11 am (UTC)

De nada; I meet SCAdians everywhere online, so I just figured you were one. ^_^ And context is indeed everything! I've heard so much filk at this point that the original lyrics to things like 'Gilligan's Island' and 'The Agincourt Carol' have long since been replaced with the modified versions.

Many contratulations for Kevin being inducted into the Irregulars! And...you at least might get him back for cons where DI isn't doing security (as rare as that is in some areas)!

I... I didn't even know that the Dorsai Irregulars were a thing, but as my hubby's a big fan of Dorsai I ran out to let him know. Hubby is now thrilled and curious as to what it takes to be a member.

as a staffer who did a few years helping to run the we-don't-call-it-security-but-that's-the-idea department for a big anime con, I am dying DYING with laughter at the accuracy of your assessment.

Aww, you're willing to cut someone over me, I feel the love! <3

Not being much of a con-goer, I had not previously heard of the DI.

Having done some research, I have two contradictory reactions:
a) Wow, what an honour. Congratulations, sir!
b) I'm half amazed he wasn't inducted sooner.

I remember when I used to attend EveCon in Washington DC and would help out with security by guarding an elevator. (See, it was New Years Eve, and things could get a little rowdy with either congoers or even just mundanes in the hotel, and they didn't want to get stuck with the bill of paying for repairs for mundane dame. Or congoer damage either.) So I'd hang out in an elevator, sitting on a chair, and chat with people.

The last 20% is a cast-iron liver.

"It's a... SECRET!"

I know the last 20% included the Chicon 2000 art show, for example.

Woo! Many congrats to Kevin!

(I'd offer condolences for the loss of your booth babe, but, well, Dorsai Irregulars. Calls for celebration, not mourning. :)

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