UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


It was seventy degrees today.

Last week we had a hard freeze. Thursday night we are forecast to have another one.

It's an interesting fact about climate change in this state--according to the state meterology sites, you can't actually prove it mathematically. It seems very very likely, they hasten to add, since the rest of the world is certainly warming and it would be very weird to think that North Carolina was exempt from this, but our weather is historically too weird and too variable to pull any statistically signifcant trends from the data, and there aren't any ice cores to dredge data out of, so we're left going "Uh...probably?"

Basically, climate change is happening everywhere, we just aren't noticing locally because we're so erratic to begin with. No matter how you chart it, our weather graphs look like the EKG of someone having a very, very bad day.

(Apparently the only thing that's got enough data to make a neat little line on a graph is that early morning low temperatures in cities are definitely rising. I don't understand the math so I won't presume to judge one way or the other, but the state climate office suggests that has probably more to do with urbanization and heat island effects, since the rural areas aren't affected.)

I saw a butterfly today--a Sleepy Orange--and cringed, because boy, is it out of luck. Hopefully it has already laid eggs or whatever Sleepy Oranges do in fall. If not, it's got about seventy-two hours to get busy.

Pretty much every place I've lived outside the Southwest had some version of the joke "Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes!" but in North Carolina, it may be closer to true than anywhere else.
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