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In More Cheerful News...

We are off to eat turkey and drink mead and all that good stuff. I hope everybody has a lovely Thanksgiving, whatever that means to you--whether it's family, friends, or blissful solitude or "Thursday, because I'm not American."

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Happy Deliciousness Day! Be safe.

And here, with sunshine and 15C...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, UV!

I'm thankful for your writing, especially Dragonbreath, and your art, so thank you for creating them and happy Thanksgiving!

Having a quiet day except for a good meal in a local pub.

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late). Wishing you all much pie, and delicious things.

As we French say (or rather, as I say): BONNE BOUFFE (happy gobbling!)

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