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It was a good weekend...

By which I mean I bought a giant metal roadrunner, as one must when one encounters a giant metal roadrunner.


His name is Snake-Eater, that being the name of the roadrunner spirit in a book I will finish someday.

Also, been reading Glory O'Brien's History of the Future, thanks to a recommendation from one of the staff at Flyleaf Books, and it has been completely gripping, which is unusual for what is very self-involved YA. The voice, I suspect, is completely hit or miss--it either works great or not at all for the reader, and it's working for me. The first few chapters were okay, and then it just...gripped.

And now I have to write 6000 words in like three days so I'll see you all later.

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Well, of COURSE you had to buy it; who could resist a giant roadrunner? I love those little monsters-- they're bright, curious, and they have a kind of mad gleam in their beady little eyes that is just captivating. Also, their wings are unexpectedly beautiful.

If you need more fun YA, we listened to the first three books of the Tales from Lovecraft Middle School on our way back to KS after holiday shenanigans. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we LOVED them. Smart, funny, and highly entertaining stories.

Your roadrunner is AMAZING.

Do you think Snake-Eater will meet Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken someday?

I was going to ask if giant metal roadrunner would be placed with the giant metal chicken. I think a pic of them together would be delightful.

A giant metal roadrunner does indeed call out to be purchased.

Kevin is wearing a familiar look on his face. The one that says "Yes, here I go again with giant metal birds because my wife loves them and I love her and well, there you go. Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys, Snake Eater. You're in good company."

How do you know it's a roadrunner? And were other birds available?

Well, it's shaped like a roadrunner, and nothing else looks like that...

They have lots of birds! Chickens, peacocks, turkeys, storks, cranes...

Snake-Eater really must have a play date with Beyonce the giant metal chicken belonging to The Bloggess.

Two of my fave authors in the one spot, would be awesome.

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Weren't you threatening a giant metal chicken at one point? This is... not quite a giant metal chicken.

ETA: Nope, whoops, that was the other most delightful person I read on the internet. My bad.

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There are about five large metal animals in the garden at this point. I can quit any time.

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I am entertained with the idea of you driving home with the road runner in the back like that and the motorists behind you wondering what the heck you have in the boot of the car.

We need a better picture of Snake Eater. Truly.

We have a local Giant Metal Chicken Emporium. I haven't been inside to see what other birds they might have in stock--now I feel like I need to go look.

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*climbs an infinite ladder* ~what a thrill~


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