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Greenpeace Tramples Nazca Lines

This has made me so blindingly angry I cannot even see straight.

To sum up, there was one undamaged Nazca glyph left on earth. It was the hummingbird.

Now there's none, because Greenpeace thought it would be cute to tromp into a sacred site so fragile that they don't allow the president to visit, nevermind the public.

The Nazca lines are drawn in the Peruvian desert. There is a thin layer of black stones over white soil. You remove the stones, you see the white soil.

If you STEP on the stones, you leave footprints. Archaeologists wear rubber snowshoes to spread their weight out so that it doesn't mar the desert surface.

There are now a whole bunch of new lines, bigger and brighter than the hummingbird glyph, left by Greenpeace walking around. There is no way to really fix this--how do you remove a footprint? People in rubber snowshoes carefully moving pebbles to try and re-darken the marred places? The likelihood is that these footprints will be here for another thousand years.

The irony of Greenpeace not bothering, at any point in this operation, to contemplate the fragility of the environment there is choking.

Their apology is disgraceful--a classic "sorry you were offended" with no mention of the damage done. They literally said it "looks bad." (Note: non-apology is now gone from website, and there is a rather more complete apology from the head of Greenpeace US, so at least they realized how badly they were screwing up on that one.)

I am so angry. There is nothing on earth quite like the Nazca lines. They are extraordinary, they are sacred, they belong to the people of Peru. They make the world better by existing.

The same, now, cannot be said of Greenpeace.

I have been known to buy Greenpeace calenders with cute baby seals. Pretty sure I had a Save the Whales poster as a kid. I had them ranked as occasionally over the top, but generally on the side of angels, not like PETA or EarthFirst. (Does EarthFirst even still exist?)

So much for that. Destroying irreplaceable things for attention is the act of children and terrorists. They will never get a dime from me again, and I hope the people directly responsible are imprisoned and prosecuted to the fullest extent of Peruvian law.

There are so many evil things going on in the world, and they make me sad and sick and angry, and there is nothing I can do about most of them. But this is just blatant stupidity, and stupidity makes me furious. And while there is no direct address for systemic racism and the CIA doesn't give a shit what I think of them and my state representative hasn't the faintest interest in listening to me, Greenpeace has actual e-mail addresses and can be held accountable. And by god, I hope they throw the book at them.

Unfortunately, when I read the reports, I was not surprised. Though not as bad as PETA, their attempts to be mediagenic have caused more harm than good too many times IMO. Though I share some of their ideals, I no longer donate to them, haven't for some years.

There is a fraction of Greenpeace who are terrorists. Just as with PETA. I think I'd favour Greenpeace, since they're far less hypocritical.

Most of the supporters for both groups are not extremists, and don't even know about the other part.

as bad as PETA. This act proves it.

I'm aghast and breathless. What the fuck is the point of telling others to protect the planet if you can't be trusted to treat it with caution and care?

Ah, but you see, the Nazca lines are not the planet, they are humankind's arrogant hand on nature, defacing it. By that standard, it is right and just that they deface it. Humans were there first, defacing the desert.

This is why their first non-apology rung false. They didn't mean it.

I'm going to go ahead and guess Greenpeace doesn't actually give a crap because they want to protect the environment - not things man has made. I'm bitter. I didn't care for their methods before and now they'll never get the benefit of doubt from me again. There are plenty of truly useful organizations honestly try to make positive changes if one bothers to search a little harder.

As if the show I'm watching about open uranium mining in Mongolia and palm plantations in Borneo hadn't infuriated me enough...now I see this stupid stunt. I need to go punch something, or cry, probably punching while crying.

Earth First! is totally still around, they even have a website.

I'm writing about eco-terrorists and such for the cyberpunk thing I'm working on. It's fascinating stuff.

And yeah, boo, Greenpeace. First, do no harm!

I thought most/all of the actual eco-terrorist acts/claimed human-damaging plans of the EF! had been shown to be the FBI agent provocateurs doing?

(Deleted comment)
I suspect that phrase was very specifically chosen and they knew exactly what they were doing. Maybe I'm giving them to much credit though and they are really just that stupid.

(Deleted comment)


I hope Peru demands heads.

They just might. And I hope so too. Greenpeace has now destroyed any credibility that they previously had, and I imagine somewhere the moron who came up with this stunt is huddled under a desk in a fetal position.

This makes me want to vomit. I cannot even comprehend what the fuck they thought they were doing.

*sick and sad*

If all they wanted was an aerial shot, they should have photoshopped the bloody slogan in! It's not like world heritage isn't already enough under threat. The pictures of the Syrian heritage blown to bits as we speak is quite heart-breaking enough and Greenpeace doesn't even have the excuse of being in a civil war.

And the aerial shot looks like it was photoshopped anyway!

(Deleted comment)
I'll bet you that they made that second, more heart-felt apology *after* they saw their "donations per hour" ticker drop like a rock.

I don't see how the glyphs have anything to do with bringing awareness to climate change or environmental destruction. If they wanted to make a statement they wouldve put the text over clearcut rainforests, or had some indigenous peoples forced off their land hold it, or wrote the letters by clearing plastic in the ocean, or drew them with soapy water in an oil field I don't know. You know, in a medium that complements the message. This is just pure showing off and stupid.

The Nazca culture that made the glyphs is thought to have disappeared due to climate troubles, El Niño to be precise. But I don't think Greenpeace was thinking of that. Probably more likely because there's at the moment a climate conference in Peru and Nazca is one of the iconic images of Peru.

Haven't contributed to them for years, maybe decades. They're terrorists, not activists.

Sadly, Greenpeace has been problematic for a long time. If we're lucky, this will be the transgression that brings them down for good.

It's heartbreaking to see something like this happen, and I feel bad for not only the people of Peru, but also for everyone who has ever enjoyed the wonder and mystery of such a sacred place.