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Scalzi and Rosefox were on Twitter, and what with one thing and another...

(I do apologize for the brush font, though!)

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(Deleted comment)
Gryfflepuff. The ancient houses of Huffleclaw, Ravenyn, Slithindor and Gryfflepuff.

Edited at 2014-12-20 10:51 pm (UTC)

When I think of Gryfflepuff I immediately get the image of their mascot being a Tribble wearing a spikey He-Man like war harness.



*falls out of chair laughing*

Their enemies will fall before them completely flummoxed by the twisted cute!

Is that a honey badger with wings? <3

Not even a Potter-head here, and I totally approve!

Of course, now Huffleclaw needs zir sidekick Ravenpuff.

Loyal and smart so of course they need a new House - Huffleclaw.

Ambitious but impulsive - Gryfferin the winged serpent.

Brave but sneaky - Slythindor - A manticore

Brave and smart - Ravindor! - gryphon

Ambitious but loyal - Huffledor. - a scaly badger = pangolin!

Makes perfect sense.

I think the sorting hat just exploded...

Or it's been reading too many D&D sourcebooks, and decided to try an alignment system using Houses instead of the 2nd/3rd edition descriptors.

Yay! There must be a lot of us who no longer have to wonder what house we'd be sorted into.

But what about Slythenclaw?

Nothing like a happy mascot to make one want to join a House.

I am so pleased to have co-inspired this. :)

Edited at 2014-12-21 03:49 am (UTC)

Ah, a delighted co-inspiriter. :)

And thank you for helping make my day.


I swear, I have the hugest platonic crush on your brain!

Yay, the happiest house!^^

Yep, that's the one I'd want to be sorted into! Well, that or--Gryffinpuff, was it?

Ever since the Gravity Falls episode, there have been lots of jokes between the husband and I that together we make a snadger.

*silently ponders ursulav's/redwombat's status in House Huffleclaw*

*runs from said red wombat with "Remember Tunnel Seventeen!" echoing in the background*

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