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Hatoful Boyfriend

Last night, I played a Japanese dating sim game where everyone except you is a pigeon.

I was up until 4 AM.

This was one of the most innovative and deeply messed up bits of SF writing I have encountered in awhile, and it was done with simple backgrounds and stock photos of pigeons. There was ONE animation in the entire game. (For years, I have been saying of webcomics that crappy art and great writing will take you a lot farther than brilliant art and weak writing! FOR YEARS!)

I cannot even begin to explain this, but it's the best $7 I ever spent on Steam.

I livetweeted it, and Shiyiya thoughtfully Storify'd an evening so surreal that people kept breaking in to ask if I was livetweeting an LSD trip. I got texts from concerned friends asking if I was tripping. It was a thing.

There are spoilers on the tweets. Although I did not actually spoiler some things. I would keep thinking I had hit the outer limits and then it would go screaming past me into the maddening void.

*goes off to poke visual novel software because SURE I NEED ANOTHER THING TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW I HAVE NO TIME I AM IN NEGATIVE TIME*

Hatoful Boyfriend means never having to say that you are kidding. <3

Also there is a followup game of sorts called Holiday Star. It is Christmas themed, and it has all the insanity that you've come to expect from this game and more.

I just posted a link to the Storify'd page over on my Facebook. That's hilarious.

Ren.py is the best-known free VN maker, right? I look forward to whatever you come up with >:P

Have you gotten -all- the endings yet? mwahahahaha.

I will never hear the Sugarplum Fairy music again without thinking of that creepy school doctor.

Or play that game without craving pudding.

Same. I'll also never be able to listen to Silent Night again without weeping.

....you officially lost me at the motorscooter riding sparrow.
Also the budgie!

And murderbird...

I've been waiting to afford that game. Pleased to know it's at least as insane as I've been hoping - and that it's got good writing.

Thank you for the amusing commentary! *adds to Steam wishlist to buy before the holiday sale ends*

The things people will think of.

I wonder if the world is ready for a stuffed animal dating sim set during the Ice Age
Well, if they can do a post apocalyptic pigeon dating game, whyever not .

I clapped like a seal throughout the Storify! I only played Ryuota (childhood friend) and Nageki (library boy)'s route in the demo before I had to get the full game, it has some of the best storytelling I've ever seen. My favourite "oh shit" moment is when the heroine goes out running. It doesn't even get a comment, it's just there and you're left wondering if it's just random or not.

I'm not sure what I love more about the history of this game, that it started out as an April Fool's gag or that enough people loved it that it got made for real.

Also seconding you taking on Holiday Star, but don't play through any of the side/extra stories until you've played the main one. Some contain spoilers and some are really confusing without the proper context.

And apparently you don't actually need Steam, if that's not your thing.

gog (dot) com/game/hatoful_boyfriend

Huh. May have to try it myself!

This is great! I'd heard of this game when Kelly Turnbull of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things made it the subject of her strip for a few weeks, but your tweets really brought home the insanity.

I love that comic so much.

I was reading your tweets last night and SNORTING with laughter.

I didn't think you were tripping (mostly because other friends have talked about that very game on Twitter, and because you were writing in mostly complete sentences), but I have my doubts about the writer of that game...

I have wanted to play this thing for YEARS, but the last time I tried to purchase it, it wouldn't download. I need to play this game!

I knew about Hatoful, I found it while googling about pigeons, I love pigeons.
I never played it, but thought it was funny, and your tweets were hilarious.
Then tonight I look at my steam account and saw "Thaily now owns Hatoful Boyfriend"
Courtesy of the husband unit. :I