UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Hatoful Boyfriend

Last night, I played a Japanese dating sim game where everyone except you is a pigeon.

I was up until 4 AM.

This was one of the most innovative and deeply messed up bits of SF writing I have encountered in awhile, and it was done with simple backgrounds and stock photos of pigeons. There was ONE animation in the entire game. (For years, I have been saying of webcomics that crappy art and great writing will take you a lot farther than brilliant art and weak writing! FOR YEARS!)

I cannot even begin to explain this, but it's the best $7 I ever spent on Steam.

I livetweeted it, and Shiyiya thoughtfully Storify'd an evening so surreal that people kept breaking in to ask if I was livetweeting an LSD trip. I got texts from concerned friends asking if I was tripping. It was a thing.

There are spoilers on the tweets. Although I did not actually spoiler some things. I would keep thinking I had hit the outer limits and then it would go screaming past me into the maddening void.

*goes off to poke visual novel software because SURE I NEED ANOTHER THING TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW I HAVE NO TIME I AM IN NEGATIVE TIME*
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