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(no subject)

And more art! Damn, I had a productive weekend, finished a bunch of half-done stuff...

Another piece of the Wombat Tarot--this time the Strength card, wherein the virginal wombat maiden tames the ferocious echidna, mighty king of monotremes, through purity of heart, force of character, and a handy daisy leash.

And a piece that's been kicking around for awhile--I've been wanting to paint a warthog since seeing them at the Pheonix zoo. They have the most magnificent faces. And eyelashes! Where is it written that otherwise hideous creatures will often have gorgeous eyelashes?

In other news, chocolate IS obviously a fabulous mouse bait, and we took another fuzzy little intruder down to the field at the end of the block and released it. James didn't believe there was a mouse in the trap at first, so he was rattling it going "Are you sure there's a mouse in there?" "Yes! A very seasick mouse, now!"

Also, I am the squirrel's bitch. I lay in wait with a squirt gun and nailed him as he chomped my finch bar...and he looked at me. I squirted him again. Repeatedly. He didn't even flinch. Water? What did he care? James, at this point, was snickering wildly, and thoroughly defeated, I slunk away, leaving the squirrel swinging happily on the birdfeeder, soggy but victorious.

Oh! And before I forget, there's an interview up over at Woodworks interviewing me, and discussing such burning questions as "What's the weirdest thing you've ever drawn?"

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He likes to move it-move it!

My Gosh Ursula--have you any idea how terribly close a resemblance that warthog bears to Faye Valentine! It's...*uncanny*!

...well, at the very least, Man-Faye :P

Re: He likes to move it-move it!


Re: He likes to move it-move it!

Never have, never will. >:D

I can't pass up a chance to link to Man-Faye, Ursula! You should know better!

Re: He likes to move it-move it!

You of course already know that links like that are directly responsible for the recent sudden crash in amphibian populations world wide don't you? ;-)


Them's smitin' words!

Killin' off me kin, are ye? Bah! We'll see who laughs last...

'sides, I'm my own man. Frog. Err...Manphibian. XD

Hey, at least I didn't link to Tubgirl! I'm not [i]that[/i] cruel!

I love the wombat Strength card, but that warthog is GORGEOUS. I've always loved the character in their faces, too. This particular one, though I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be in African attire, looks to me like he's ready to flashdance at an '80s nightclub. ;)

The wombat Strength card cracked me up. It doesn't look like she's holding its mouth shut so much as looking for its mouth!

Maybe you should try vinegar in the squirt gun?

No no no, what you need is some concentrated hydrfloric acid, that'll do the trick



Hey! No burning the squirrels!!

Um, hi, since this is my first comment... I love ursulav's art and Dusty the Angel!Bunny RULES and so do all chupacabras :)


The chameleon is killer good. Loves the chameleon.

The strength card is great. I love the use of the echidna for the lion. It's awesome that you've kept on with the project. If you ever finish it (or even the major arcana) I would totally buy a set. I really like the combination of the traditional R-W symbolism with the Vernon-ian touch of wombatness.

My next trip to Target, I'm going to buy a Super Soaker. Failing that, I'm thinking the "tight spray" setting on my garden hose might phase the little bugger.

wonderful interview, thanks for the link. i especially loved the advice on the bottom about talent getting you as far as college, and hard work being necessary after that. i have definitely found now that i'm getting serious about my writing, that nothing happens without actually sitting down and getting to it.

Squirtgun? Fah! Paintball gun! Non-lethal, but very uncomfortable, even through fur.

Those two images are adorable! The warthog looks so very majestic and regal. And what's not to love about a wombat maiden, dappled in flowers?

Re: drawing weird things for fun and profit

An intriguing prospect! I know nothing of sports, so I wouldn't know how to go about garnering that sort of work, but it's still a neat idea.

Regarding the squirrel problem: you might try again with the squirt gun, only this time make a reasonably strong solution of lemon juice. Very few creatures enjoy getting lemon juice in their faces.

Amusing psuedo-factoid from the Dream Dictionary regarding anteaters (which should extend to the rest of the monotremes):
An anteater is a warning to be cautious in your business dealings. It indicates that you might be exposed to new elements, people or events, that will threaten your business discipline and work ethic.

You really should see "The War on Squirrels". I watched it on PBS about a month ago. It was bed time and I couldn't sleep on the account that I was laughing so hard.
There was different stories on bird watchers who became obsessed with Squirrels. Getting rid of them that is. Lets just say none of them worked but it sure made a funny show.
But it gave very practical ideas on how to put up a feeder that the squirrels can't get to but then neither can you with out a ladder.

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