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Manny & Hat

This is Manny. He is a Manduca sexta, a tobacco hornworm caterpillar.

He has a hat. Those with a passing knowledge of the braconid wasp clan may recognize it.

I suspect I am embarking on a buddy comedy in extremely questionable taste.


Well, the wasp larva likes the taste . . .

Oh, oh dear! Well, as long as he has only one special hat friend it might be ok...

EMBARK ALREADY! lt promises hilarity.

Is this the same wasp that preys on the Ceratomia Catalpae worm? If so, Manny should have a full hat collection!

Edited at 2014-12-30 04:13 am (UTC)

Please say this is related to a potential VN/dating sim.

Oh . . . my.

(Yes, would read, in a heartbeat.)

*happiest worried look ever*

My PhD was on insecticidal proteins. I've murdered about three thousand of these things in the name of science (as humanely as possible). And now you've made it *cute*. I APPROVE.

Also, just so you know, their poo has a star-shaped cross section. JUST IN CASE THAT IS EVER RELEVANT.

I read the description as "baconoidal wasp clan".... oops! Guess that's what happens when reading before breakfast!

Manny needs more hats. His friends enjoy my tomatoes, which I guard jealously while they grow, way too much. ;P

Oh my God. Here is the perfect antidote to waaaaay too much twee "nature" fiction.

I suspect I am embarking on a buddy comedy in extremely questionable taste.

As someone on Twitter (can't remember who; might have been Scalzi) commented, it's never been done before, unless late Abbot and Costello was much darker than s/he remembered.

BAD MENTAL IMAGES! BAD! I mean, I read something once with them as very freakishly scary vampires (think about it: slapstick vampires that actually kill each other (temporarily) over and over again before grinning and then coming after you in unison... Comedian Vampires are the WORST), but parasite and caterpillar..... **shudders**

Utterly charming. What could possibly go wrong?

Dr. Phil

I resent Manny and all his kin, due to having to pick them off of tomatoes as a child. Therefore, I think he deserves his hat, and I would love to read the buddy comedy.