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It's January And The New Me Looks A Lot Like The Old Me

Honestly, I didn't so much want a new me as to find the DLC for the old me that has the extra energy packs. I like me, but nobody warned me at character creation that life was basically an ammo conservation game with very few vending machines.

Some years I do indeed feel the rush of "It's the next year! Let's rock this!" and some years (like this one) I mostly just go..."Linear time. There's a thing. It's like next week, except I'm supposed to be excited."

Maybe this is a function of age.

Anyway, my writing output is pretty down these last few weeks, barring podcasts. All I have been doing is putzing around with the Ren'Py game engine and finishing up the last of the 300+ hamster illos for the first two hamster princess books. And I downloaded the Zombies Run 5K trainer.

So far--I've done two episodes--the first was fun, the second rather dull. It gets another shot--I think they had to establish a baseline or something--and if it doesn't get more engaging, I'm switching to the actual Zombies Run app, which is apparently a blast and has Margaret Atwood as a mad DJ or something.

(Although I must point out at this point that I do not run. There is no mere app that will cause me to do so. The only things that I will run for these days are connecting flights and maybe serial killers, and only if they have chainsaws.* There are sports bras that enable women of my topographic upper dimensions--or, as I prefer to be called, "F-class Destroyers"--to run, but they require specialty engineering. I have a sports bra that is slightly less specialized and I can speed walk, and that's as good as we're going to get. Also I get shin splints. The zombies will simply have to accept these limitations.)

And I made an image map in Ren'Py and I was super proud and it worked and everything and then I realized it was completely wrong for my game design, but still. I'M PROUD, DAMNIT.

Anyway, 2015, so far, so good, although I don't really feel like it will start until tomorrow, when it will be A Real Work Day With Real Work On A Real Schedule, and then we'll see how it goes.

*If it's just a knife, I'll take the hit. 

Life seems like a free-to-play with micropayments except the micropayments aren't so micro and the bonuses you get from making them don't help a great deal. One star - would not recommend.

Zombies! Run! is really fun. I have to layer one or two "regular" sports bras over the one allegedly built for...generous proportions though. It becomes so much of a pain that I typically give up after a couple weeks. :C

F class destroyers! I love it!

I am at the other end of that spectrum, barely-A I call myself, so running is a thing I can do until my asthma kicks in. In about five minutes, so, yeah. Power walking all the way.

I find the 5k zombie training a bit boring, honestly, but I need the structure it provides. I 'treat' myself with a full episode of regular zombies every time I finish a week to keep me going. If you're not doing the running pasty, no reason not to stick with just the regular one. You don't miss storyline, as far as I can tell.

Happy new year! :)

Good to know! I'm not training for any kind of thingy, so I may switch over.

You realize that now I have to make a game that has a character with a t-shirt that says "F-Class" on it, who takes a hit from a knife but keeps going.
And it's all your fault.

I accept responsibility for this.

"...or, as I prefer to be called, "F-class Destroyers"..."

You sank my battleship! D:

The first episode of the ZR5K app is better than the second because it's the first episode of the full Zombies, Run! app, which came first, and is included so that people who want to start with the 5K aren't completely lost as to who these people are and why they're making you run. I've yet to use the 5K trainer (bought it when I started on ZR!, totally planned to use it once I got active enough to feel comfortable actually running, then fell off a ladder and wrecked my knee), but I've heard that it's a bit dull in a "tutorial level" kind of way. But the full one is as much of a blast as you've been told.

Love, love, love your first two sentences. Yes!

I started making a game with RenPy (before my husband convinced me that I needed to use something else), and I remember getting an image map to work and feeling proud. So yes, I understand your pride. Go, you!

I can't recommend the normal Zombies! Run! over the 5k trainer enough. The 5k is boring, massively so. The normal one? Pure fun, and the radio broadcasts are a riot. Almost as insane as KUEC.

My H-Class Dreadnoughts are in sympathy with your views on running (the line I always use is "I don't run unless something with big teeth is chasing me!")

Power walking, however, with a decent bra, is definitely an acceptable substitute . . . and you run less risk of bashing yourself in the chin with an over-enthusiastic mammary!

-- A <3

I bashed myself in the chin while going too rapidly down a flight of stairs one time (36G, here). >.>

Shinsplints SUCK HARD.

I suffered from them for several months.. including on a beloved trip home for hte first tiem in years. After.. someone said "maybe you need new shoes" and suddenly, I could WALK AGAIN and it was AMAZING.

So I hate to be that person who says "hey, have you TRIED THIS" but jesus, It was so nice to be able to MOVE after being unable to walk more than a block without EXCRUCIATING PAIN, that I am totally willing to annoy anyone with shin splints with that suggestion, JUST IN CASE it never occurred to them. Because *I* didn't. So maybe other people who are smarter than I am haven't realized that either.

This! In my case I switched to "barefoot" style shoes which require a completely different foot strike and suddenly =problem solved=! The downside is that the new foot strike works my legs much harder and my legs are in awful shape thus making my knees go all wobbly far too soon.

Thing I've never understood.. why the heck would anyone need to run from zombies. Have you seen those guys move? They're called walkers for a reason... many because shamblers just sounds silly. [and I think the Lovecraft estate still has the copyright on that.]

Depending on which zombies/walkers/whatever you're talking about, you might be wrong. I've heard there's a thing called Rage Zombies that DO run and much, much more quickly than should be possible for a corpse, so yeah. Maybe I should work on my cardio and have a chance of surviving. *laugh*

Zombies and shin splints

I've done the Zombies Run 5k app and I'm on Season 2 of the regular app. I enjoy it very much and I do run. I think you won't get the zombie chases if you don't run - they don't kick in below a certain speed. I have them turned off, though, so I can't say it's a huge deal. They don't work so well with the treadmill unless you're using the accelerometer, and I'm not having any luck making that work at all - Constant Speed tracks mileage nicely on the treadmill and GPS for outdoors. It's snowy this weekend, so I've been using the treadmill.

I'm gonna tell you that minimalist shoes are awesome, but won't necessarily cure shin splints. But I have the oddest "shin splints" I've ever heard of. They don't hurt while I'm running, but the entire front of my lower leg feels bruised and it is excruciating to bark my shins on random objects, or to have a cat walk on me while I'm trying to sleep. Also, my shins are bumpy. I don't think they were before I started running, but I can't go back 4 years and poke at my pre-running shins. I'm half convinced that the muscle is tearing off the bone, but the orthopedic guy I went to about it didn't seem concerned. Nothing that is supposed to help shin splints has helped me. Ice, stretches, exercises and having my gait analyzed at the running store before buying new shoes. (I don't care for the stability shoes they put me in, and they didn't help, anyway.) If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Back to Zombies - I bought a new phone just to run the app and I am not disappointed. I can't think of any other app I would spend $200 to run.

I feel your pain. I had to get a special breast surgery compression bra from a medical shop to do martial arts without extreme pain. Being topheavy makes running a sad and unpleasant event without extreme equipment. Or free hands.

Ah, the awkward holding-down-breasts run...I've done that one! I swear we need to form some sort of club/support group. I can tell you about my $75 bras and the fitter at Nordstrom who I think is made of black magic because she found a strapless bra in a 36G.