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Some nice round numbers!

As of yesterday, we've sold 3000 copies of Seventh Bride!

December was the best month of self-pub sales I've ever had, probably owing to the fact that Bride ended up as a Kindle Daily Deal (which I would never have noticed if haikujaguar hadn't pointed it out!) Bride has blown the doors off my previous self-pub books, selling slightly more books in around two months than Nine Goblins did in over a year (although it's gotten a nice bump from Bride, thankfully, because I want to keep writing about the Whinin' Niners...one of these days...)

The Kindle sales bump lasted through most of December, sliding down over time, but still above where it'd be on its own, I'm guessing. (Smashwords is only good for the intial sales bump for me, Draft2Digital sells around a book a day to people in other eco-systems, Kindle is where most of the action is. These are the facts, even if I could wish for a more diverse sales world.)

While none of the money has landed yet, assuming Amazon does not drop dead tomorrow (seems unlikely) and that the various vendors pay me,* that puts hard numbers for Bride above the median for an unagented fantasy novel advance (at least, as of a decade ago, re: Tobias Buckell's author advance survey 2.0) and so far as I am concerned, everything after that is gravy. (It is still substantially less than my first agented advance for my first children's book, but we're talking, if not apples and oranges, at least oranges and nectarines.)

As I said on Twitter some weeks ago, it's all because of the bird skull on the cover. Bird skulls sell. That's my theory. I'm putting bird skulls on everything and changing Red Wombat Studio to Bird Skull Press. (Not really.)

And also Cloak Guy.

Anyway, you can find ways to order Seventh Bride or read free short stories by my alter-ego, T. Kingfisher, over at said alter-ego's website

*Old freelancer habit. That is Schrodinger's payment until it lands in the account.

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Unfortunately, the process of getting something from Smashwords to the Kindle app on my smartphone is arcane. If you have an actual Kindle, you can just hit "download to Kindle" and you're done, but getting something I bought there to actually show up in the library on my phone... well, let's just say it didn't happen until Amazon developed the "e-mail something to your Kindle" function, and required using my desktop as an intermediary. Which has made me a little leery of buying anything else directly from Smashwords, which is a shame because I'd really rather support them than Amazon.

You might look into the Kobo.com smartphone app; draft2digital sends there too, and a lot of indie bookstores have affiliate deals with kobo such that it's kind of like buying from them. (and it will read formats other than the kindle one.) I also like it as a reading experience slightly better than the Kindle app. You still have to buy it from their website, but then it automagically shows up in the app in the appropriate manner.

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