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Everything Happens At Once!

First of all, I have a new short story up at Apex Magazine!

Apex # 68

It's called Pocosin and has a possum god. You can read it for free, though I hope you'll consider subscribing to one of the best little SF magazines around! (There's also an interview with me.)

Also, Dragonbreath #10 : Knight-Napped! hits the shelves today! Even if you don't buy a copy, totally go look at it in the store just to boggle at SOLID FOIL COVER!

(There are like mondo huge advertising things coming, none of which are quite done yet, but I will link when they go live, because they're just kinda neat and impressive.)

And I'm on the very last Hamster Princess 2 illustration, and if I can finish it today, this will be like Triple Threat Day.

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And thanks for pointing us at Apex. Looks like they do fantastic stuff - I've subbed for the next year, only $20 is crazy.

... So you consider finishing things to be threatening? Psychology field day!

Off to read Pocosin now. Ooh, they have an audio version too?

Ooh! Thanks for the Dragonbreath heads-up! Off to see whether my local has it in...

Plus the Apex issue has a fun interview with you, too.

ETA: which you said in the post, and I apparently didn't notice the first time through.

Excellent story. I really like Maggie.

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I watched a beloved die, less than two months ago, a less clean (literally), less dignified death in a first world hospice intended to be a better place for people to die than homes or hospitals.

Pocosin, for me, was beautiful, wonderful, and heartbreaking all at once.

Don't know if there's a right way to do dying, or at least not without witches or the sort of Death that might sometimes talk in all caps. Do know that we humans mostly seem to be doing it wrong. Showing doing it right(er) can only help in our learning to improve.

Thank you.

[Apologies in advance if this repeats from Apex site, got an error message on attempting to post there, so guessing it isn't going through.]

I'm very sorry for your loss, and glad that this could move you in some small way.

You want threats? I may be coming to Foolscap, and I have *counts* 4 packages of peppermint bark.

And yarn.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

If you do come, I hope you enjoy the con! (Granted, as GoH liason, I'm mostly trying to make sure Ursula enjoys it...but y'know, attendees count too!)

"Pocosin" was beautiful and moving. Thank you.

Thank you, I really needed that story.

I am a bit of a witch woman myself. And 'possum is my totem. This was a terrific story.

I've been missing my dearly departed husband quite a lot in the last few days. Pocosin...that...speaks to his burial ritual. I may not have witch blood, but I feel Maggie is kin to me.

Thank you. And thank you for Dragonbreath 10! Mine will be arriving this weekend!

Just realized your Apex interview lists Foolscap as being in "Redmond, VA" rather than "Redmond, WA" - but I suppose if one googles "Foolscap Redmond", one can only go SO wrong here.

Oh, poop. Um. It's probably too late to change the various e-book versions...

I'm sure it'll be fine, especially as there doesn't seem to BE a "Redmond, VA" and Google will correct you over to WA.

Fine, fine. And (for me at least) some mysteries left by the end. Which, in this case, fits perfectly.

• His gave her a pained, fatherly smile.
→ He

Ah, crudchickens. Three layers of editors on that one, too.

There is also this bit, where the tense seems off:

“It’s done,” called Death, and Maggie turned back.

The god looks smaller now. Death had gathered him up and he almost fit in her lap, like a small child or a large dog.

“Don’t suppose he’s faking it?” asked Maggie hopefully. “They’re famous for it, after all.”

Skimming up and down, I misread "fatherly" as "featherly", cued I think by "crudchickens".

I was at the BJs wholesale where I usually buy Dragonbreaths today. I looked at the book table, vaguely hoping that the next one would be there. It wasn't. But next week, after we have thawed out a bit, I'll be checking again. Yay!

As a woman raised in a disproportionately matriarchal family, I always love your old, crotchety, sensible, and powerful women. They're such a delight.

I also enjoyed your point in the interview that writing animal characters frees them to just be who they are free of human baggage. That's awesome.

Thanks once again, Ms. Vernon! :)

Yay possum god!! (also, still entirely not the possum god concept my brain immediately went to, so there may yet be two possum god stories someday.)

This professional writing business seems to be really taking off for you! Congrats!

[and, yeah, obviously congrats on the increasingly-mega-succesful-children's-author thing, but I guess that's old news]

Have you ever thought your talent might be too one-dimensional? I mean, you're only an acclaimed artist, a Hugo-winning serious graphic novel writer/illustrator, a hugely succesful children's author, and an increasingly well-known author. Do you not think you may need to diversify a bit? Write a musical, perhaps? Take up scrimshaw? Architecture?

One of my Christmas presents was a card from my aunt saying that she'd preordered Knight-Napped and Castle Hangnail for me. Knight-Napped arrived yesterday, and it is not only incredibly shiny, it was a wonderful calming aid when I was stressing out and too keyed-up to sleep.

re Knight-napped: bird pedantry -- columba livia is called 'Rock Pigeon' nowadays, according to my sources. [e.g., the Cornell Lab]

[I just hate it when bird species have their names changed after I have laboriously learned them -- when I started birding, Green Herons were going through a Green-backed Heron Phase. And Rock Pigeons were Rock Doves.]

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