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I'll be at Foolscap this weekend, in Redmond, Washington! Come out! Meet me and Kevin! Look at art! Go to panels! Contemplate the nature of reality! Etc!

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Redmond is my stompin grounds!

If you happen to need to know where to escape to sample delicious local (or not so local) microbrews (or simply to find decent food more reasonably priced than the mall) just holler. :D

Exclamation point! :D

I cant go, but I sent my Wombat with a friend..

Noo! I have a midterm to study for.

I need more notice!

*runs away crying*

... let's hope it ends up awesome enough that it gets on your next year's schedule. Because I'm carless and budgetless this weekend...

Oh, man! I wish I could go; I would love to say hi, drop weird food on you for the podcast, and possibly have you autograph a Dragonbreath book. But I have a new baby (he'll be two weeks old this weekend), and I'm not sure how long I could get away. Still! Tempted! So tempted!

Oh, you're kidding! I'll be just a tiny bit south of you, playing for a novel and novel soundtrack release party at a filk con. (I almost feel like I should put all that in italics, because it's not something I ever envisioned myself writing). Sadness of conflicting cons.

I wish I could go but I'm a "professional college student" classes started this week, plus I live in Scott Walker's old stomping grounds (or at least not that far from them.) Too bad you aren't coming to the Great Lakes region. *bigcry*

Are you going to be at any other cons on the west coast any time this year?

You're coming to Seattle _this_ weekend? I feel like I should warning you that the state has gone insane.

Thankfully Redmond was away from most of the crazy, but yeah, we always wind up being Superbowl weekend it seems. >.>

Augh, this is what I get for not checking LJ for a while. :P Some other time, I guess...at least I caught you when you came through Bellevue a year or two ago. (My oldest son still has the sketch you did for him, I believe. :) )

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