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A gargantuan (at least when compared to the Carolina chickadees) bluejay just landed out back. I'm used to Stellar's jays, which are blue in the way that a cat or a horse is blue--that sort of peculiarly sheened gray. But this sucker is BLUE.

Trying to plant for birds and butterflies--gonna try starting some bee balm and coneflowers from seed, and see if I can't plant 'em in the side yard. A packet of seeds is a small enough investment that I'm willing to make it in a rental property, and I'll see if some of the bee balm will live in a pot. That should round out my plantings--I've got vines, shrubs, and a few nifty annuals--although I'm pretty sure I'll get hit by the "OOOH! Lookit that!" bug a coupla times. The spring is young, yet. is young.

The sheer joy of having a garden again cannot be fathomed. I have pineapple sage! (Mom used to have pineapple sage, and she says the hummingbirds are attracted to it like nothing else she's ever seen.)

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See? I told you there were natural blue foods. Just no one believed me. ;)


(Deleted comment)

You can't play your jedi mind tricks on me.

I could argue that anything blue isn't really blue, it just reflects blue light, but you know, that doesn't change the fact that it looks blue! ;)

Blue jays are aggressive little shits, too. Aside from driving smaller birds and even the huge fox squirrels out of feeders, I've seen them divebomb cats, people, and, once, a car.

Corvids, in general, tend to be aggressive. Out here in Arizona, it's not uncommon for ravens to mob and kill Harris hawks. Out at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Musuem, the Raptor Free Flight program had some ravens come through during the Harris hawk flight demo. Some of the hawks took off after the ravens, which much worried the staff. Everyone was relieved when the ravens took off without a hassle and the hawks all came home.

Blue jays (yes, they're corvids, too, and related to ravens, crows and magpies) also tend towards aggression and are quite capable of mobbing and driving off much larger birds. Smaller birds don't pose much of a problem, either.

Ditto on the bluejays comment. Those little suckers are MEAN.

Interesting. The Stellars Jays here are true blue like bluebirds, so maybe it's a regional thing. I love the little white "surprise" bars over their eyes.

(Deleted comment)
In defense of cardinals and hummers, swans are hella nasty and a whole lot more dangerous to people. I think it's a not-so-subtle social commentary or maybe not, really.
I've actually found hummingbirds pretty nice. We see a lot at the feeder at my aunt's house in the Adirondacks, and they never bother the other animals much. So yes!

(Deleted comment)
I s'pose it's the Napolean complex you find in every species. (Dogs and cats and people and fish, at least.)

...but in what part of the Adirondacks does your aunt live? I used to live toward the eastern edge, by Lake Champlain.

She's at lake Good-no (Noe? Kno? I forget)-flow, whereabouts of an hour's drive from Lake Placid.
They have a lot of really good soft ice cream there.

Another thing about bluejays...

Along the "bluejays are thugs" line of thinking:

I have personally seen bluejays beat the living crap out of other birds (usually sparrows, presumably to kill them). They pin the smaller bird down and WHACK WHACK WHACK on them with their beaks, like some sort of demented woodpecker.

But then, I've also seen crows do the same thing to bluejays, so I guess what goes around, comes around.

Don't forget that you can attract bats to your garden by planting night-flowering plants. The bats come in after the bugs.

(just thought I'd mention it.)

*grin* I am terribly tempted to put up a bat house, but they're pricy, and since it IS a rental, I don't want to put one up and then have it get taken down by the next tenants under the "OMG! Bats! Ew!" principle...

Stellar's Jays are fairly agressive around here, too, but they flee in terror when a western flicker hits the deck!

Pineapple sage, eh? I'll have to try that! :)

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