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How Awesome Is Kevin?

Kevin: "You're feeling bad, so I brought you the entire 6-volume box set of Fast and the Furious."

*sniffle* There are probably some problems that staring at Vin Diesel's torso can't fix, but I am a simple woman.

Okay, staring at his torso I can understand. Just as long as you can avoid looking at that gorilla-like face of his...

I <3 Vin D. And ridonkulous car chases. Kevin is awesome to the max.

Someone who loves AND understands you.

Ursula for the WIN!!!

(all you need now is a dog that fits in and you are golden)

Sounds like Kevin is like a couple of my RL friends

When they lived in Wisconsin, they would always invite me over to their place for roleplaying and/or playing with their feline companions they still comment on how one of the cats would always come up to me, jump on my lap, and refuse to be removed upon penalty of kitty retribution.

They would also find photos of both cats and of cute guys (the photos of the guys would focus on their faces, especially their eyes [I go weak in the knees for a pair of gorgeous eyes].)

Their "therapy" really helped when my parents succumbed to their diseases.

Clearly that man is The One.


That was sweet of him.

Trailer for Seven looks fun...

Dr. Phil

You guys are just so fantastic together.


Personally, I'm fascinated with the shoulders. And the torso. But also the fact that he's one of the few men who looks better WITHOUT hair than with it. Whoo! Fast and Furious! Awesome fun :)

It's SO nice to have a geek partner who knows the right kind of gifts to give! Mine came home from a week on the road once with the graphic-novel edition of the entire Dark Phoenix saga, all the original comics reprinted in one volume. <3

Well, as a hetro male it doesn't work for me... but I take solace in the fact he's a massive geek, [figuratively and literally] and hard-core gamer.

and then there's this.

He's definitely a good sport.

And, as Ursula has pointed out, very manly. Monster Alice and I can both appreciate that.

Edited at 2015-02-11 05:34 pm (UTC)

He's a keeper.

I hope today is better!

Wow. Now that's the kind of therapy an understanding husband provides. :)

While I cannot diss Vin Diesel's torso, it's his voice that does it for me. I may have to go rent the movies, never having seen them before. I thought they looked like bad, hokey cheese, but if you find the movies therapeutic, I'm sure I'll be happily entertained.

That's why I love his animated stuff... I'm thinking of doing an Animated Vin Movie Night. Iron Giant, Dark Fury and GoG.

Will he also watch them with you? ;)