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My witch hazel bloomed!

I don't have photos because the blooms were promptly nuked by the icy weather we're having, so they are rather sad little crispy nubbins, but it actually bloomed! I planted that sapling in the fall two years ago and it has never done ANYTHING--it put out leaves like it thought photosynthesis was gauche--and I had sort of given up on any hope of anything but a long, lingering demise, but it BLOOMED!

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I'm envious, but glad for you. My witchhazel is buried under the latest Boston blizzard plus the three prior ones, and I may not see it again until April! We could do with some spring up here.

Huzzah! Hope springs eternal!

And spring hopes eternal!

Congrats! Hopefully the icy little nubbins will be followed by more bud.

"Like it thought photosynthesis was gauche."

I'm just going to admire your way with words for a few minutes here; don't mind me.

I hope you got a good sniff of it before it got frozen. The scent of witch-hazel is one of life's wonders.

Oh, lovely! Congratulations!

I have a black thumb (any flora I want to grow, even if it's a weed, dies no matter what I do.)

The only thing I've been successful in keeping alive more than seven weeks is my flatmate (a grey tabby that is almost five years old now she's due to go to the vet soon for her physical and shots.) She-Who-Demands-to-Be-Obeyed keeps an eye/nose/whatever on my glucose levels and the like as well as keeps my stress levels down and intruders out.

Her favourite antic is to use our headboard as a modified jungle gym, playing "Catch the Tail" and giving me "The Look" whenever she plotzes either onto the bed or between the bed and the wall. She only demands to have the most delicious noms I can afford as payment.

So jealous. Mine is a little 18" stick buried under three feet of snow.

witch hazel

Don't lose hope; those petal nubbins are likely to unfurl themselves as soon as the weather warms; hamamelis are cold-adapted like that. Of course you are a couple weeks ahead of me, my witch hazel buds are just starting to show yellow, here it's still the wintersweet season (chimonanthus praecox, you should consider planting one, that clove scent wafts so beautifully right when you really need it at the end of winter)

gardening in the DC suburbs

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