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New Tiers on Kickstarter!

So there's a Kickstarter for a nifty little book put together by the group of artists going to Botswana, being organized by the awesome Foxfeather, and you can see it all here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1729864809/expanding-horizons-artists-journey-to-africa

We've just added a couple of tiers, including the chance to be a saint on the Hidden Almanac and two Tuckerization slots to have a minor character in a T. Kingfisher novel. (Obviously those slots may take a while on fulfillment...) Check it out!

Even if you don't want my tiers, there are some just absurdly talented artists involved and you'd want the book just for their art...

ETA: And apparently people really want me to kill characters named after themselves, because those slots sold in ten minutes. Um. Whoa.

ETA: ...and the saints are sold. Ooookay. That was wild! Thank you, everyone! Now I know what to offer next time somebody wants a charity auction...

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You write good deaths

I, however, get to be a SAINT on Hidden Almanac! *glee*

I look forward to what you come up with!

Re: You write good deaths

Eee! Thank you!

You can now seriously say "I offer character assassination for hire."

or just "DEATH!"

Er, I'd like the cake, please?

Well, we’re out of cake! We only had three bits and we didn’t expect such a rush.

(Deleted comment)
So yes, with the right fanbase, you can get quite a lot of money selling character naming/killing in your books.

Yep! In some cases, a whoooole lot of money.

Andrew Hussie, the guy behind the whole MS Paint Adventures/Homestuck phenomenon, did something similar with his Kickstarter: he had a $10,000 reward tier promising "I'll make your fancharacter canon in the comic but kill them off immediately in the next panel."

Two people took him up on it.

Mercedes Lackey and several others I can't recall their names offhand auctioned off character deaths in their book Revolution, and the two winners of the auction were thanked personally for their contributions (especially since their characters' personalities were so dynamic that, instead of a page or two, they made it through almost a half chapter [and it wasn't a short chapter at that] and the deaths were rather memorable [one died in a runaway train collision, the other met his end with lots of C4/one Taser].)

I hope that everybody's characters who end up dying in Ursula's contribution is as dynamic (I wish that I had a personal checking account for times like this. *bigcry*)

There is nothing like appealing to vanity and immortality to pique people's interest.

Having someone's name or image in a book or comic is forever! I know I'm a sucker for this (my dog could live FOREVER! in a book!).

At the same time, I've been burned by this in the past: some creators hate having to do this and the result is almost a non-mention or an image in a comic that is a dozen pixels large-- which happened to me with the Womanthology Kickstarter.

I'll say that you have really neat rewards in your Kickstarter! Missed out on the character rewards, but the others are also neat.

Sainthood and martyrdom, as it were...

Do you happen to know if there are any plans to release an ebook version later on? I'd like to back it (hyenas!) but we're low on space for physical books.

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