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Long Winter

Well, the snow is slowly melting--again--and the pine siskins are on the feeder and I am no longer gazing into the garden thinking grimly that I will move to New Mexico tomorrow because this weather is just bullshit. I have not been able to do any major work in the garden at all this winter, and I am growing correspondingly doughy and grumpy.

A downy woodpecker figured out the suet feeder at last and has been visiting hourly, so there's that. Thrush-Bob now sits on a perch suction-cupped to Kevin's office window and stares at him while he works. It's a trifle unsettling.

I have seeds under a grow-light, but they are not yet showing germination-y signs.

Kevin started a sourdough starter, which we have named Bob.

That's about all I got going on. How are you doing, Internet?

Looking forward to more reports on Dough-Bob.

As am I.
I tried to grow one and optimistically named it Fluffy, but it failed to thrive

I wonder if Thrush-bob and Dough-bob would get along. My husband once attempted a sourdough. When he turned to me, all glee and smugness, and asked me where strange yeasts could commonly be found, all I could think was..... well. (He meant brewing yeast. That is not what I thought of.) I hope your sourdough has uh.... relatively standard yeasts. >.>;;;; Ahem.

Kevin started a sourdough starter, which we have named Bob.

Because of course you did. ᕕ(ಠ_ಠ )ᕗ

(Deleted comment)
Does rising in the refrigerator increase or decrease chewiness, because I like chewiness and I have a bunch of rye flour I need to use up.

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(Deleted comment)
Pretty darn well, really. Woke up from sneezes, but then there was coffee, apple spice cake, and a houseful of cats. Oh, and a poodle who so far has avoided being revolting.

Feeling okay at the moment, but I'm spending frequent visits to the doctor trying to find out why I randomly get very exhausted and my vision goes wonky for weeks at a time recently. Potentially it's a consequence of still recovering from the Ecoli I got twice since last August. I advise against getting EColi FYI.

I hope you are well. My best wishes heading in your direction.

Tired of winter here, too. Made the mistake of going outside last night after the ice storm... went bump, bump, bump down the front stairs on my arse. Monster Alice, terrified by the noise, came to the porch to find me standing already and looking vaguely annoyed. I carefully climbed back up the stairs, took some painkillers, and grumbled for the rest of the evening.

Monster Alice is making great strides in organizing her basement lair. I'm coming in on the home stretch on decorating a box to hold memories of our trip to Mongolia.

Today, it's all sunny and melty, but my bum still hurts. ;-)

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Yay germination! I am itching to start some seeds, but it's a little too early for me to keep them going inside long enough to put in the ground. I did pull my swamp milkweed seeds out of cold stratification in my refrigerator and put them in fresh paper towels - they were starting to get a little mold and discoloration. My mom, bless her heart, cleaned out my refrigerator last week when I was out of town, and did NOT throw away the ziploc bag with the green-blue mold patchy paper towels full of small brown lumpy objects, knowing my proclivities well enough to realize it might be something important to me, despite appearances (luckily the hibernating bat I put in the work-fridge at the park...)

I can just imagine finding a hibernating bat in the fridge at work LOL

I'm getting caught up on KUEC and am on Episode 89 "I will show you fear in a handful of ramen" and I'm laughing so hard about pastel 80s howling coyotes. What a lovely way to spend a snow day :)

It snows in NM too. At least in Albuquerque. Which I always forget when I'm visiting until it happens. Which usually cues about 10 minutes of running outside "Eee, white stuff from the sky" followed by running back inside, "Eeek, this stuff is COLD"

While the world outside is all brown and gray instead of white this winter, the foolish plants are trying to come up- much too early. All the daylilies and iris are pushing green noses out of the ground which promptly get frost bite. That, or the damn deer eat them. They ate my auricula primroses.

On the bright side, my artichokes and cardoons germinated yesterday and look like they will put their little cotyledons up today!

I woke up to the dripping sound of yesterday's snow melting away. In the past two hours generous swaths of garage roof have been uncovered. It's "warm out" (above freezing) and I'll be going for a walk in a bit.

Planted 11 fava beans in starter pots last Wednesday, started two mini-flats (recycled salad containers) of microgreens today, and have been setting onion ends, turnip tops, and cabbage cores all winter in bowls of water in hopes of getting them to sprout.

So far, I've got two mini-cabbages, one mini-radicchio, a handful of turnip and carrot greens, and a leek. I have been desperately bored and the snow cannot melt fast enough.

Oddly enough, the weather hasn't been all that great in San Diego, either. Last few days has alternated sunny, blustery, and rainy. And fairly hard rain for the area, too. Seems like the local weather gods decided to get Midwestern on our collective asses...

And so, obviously, I have a sinus headache that makes breathing HURT! I am self-medicating with salt water, tea, and hot towels. Not all at the same time. That would be gross. And messy.

While I'm worried about the drought out here, I'm still hopeful about this year's gardening. The squash seeds go in the ground this week after I spent the weekend prepping the garden bed. Office-farming-wise the hot peppers in the aerogrow are starting to take over the desk, which is a lot of fun.

But the big project for this year is something I had a number of friends convince me to try (and my sister already does it): backyard chickens. :) Here's a camera on them in the brooder box if you're ever curious to see: http://t.co/qtaGt4pzI3