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General Roundup

The frogs have been singing non-stop for days. Plummeting temperatures did not faze them, and now it's warm again and they are all very loud and very happy. The pond is full of concentric circles where they're inflating their throat sacs and making ripples.

I took my last typhoid pill this morning. I should now be immune for about five years, at least in theory. I am still a little worried that the doctor said "Watch out for cholera." I read too many books with cholera as a plot point. (Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I am looking in your direction!) We have antibiotics, just in case.

My new middle-grade novel, "Castle Hangnail" comes out next month! Check out the snazzy cover!

(Well, it's the snazzy ARC cover. I can't find the snazzy hardcover cover image. It's somewhere, I'm sure.)


And I think that's more or less everything for now...

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Ooh, that sounds fascinating!

How exciting!!! Congrats on your book. :)

Cipro is your friend. When we were in Africa everyone ended up using their doses as one by one we all had stomach problems It became funny as each person fell prey to local bugs. You could tell who was going to be unwell the next day when at dinner everyone who got ill would not be hungry and we'd all say, "They're next." Get a script and bring it along. It was a life saver!

I love that she's in stompy boots.

We have it on pre-order from our local indie bookstore, but I haven't told the kids so I can read it first. :)

The little cloth doll with the fish is creepily adorable. It reminds me of that old Xbox game "Voodoo Vince."

That's cool! From the description it sounds like the lovely Diana Wynne Jones-esque fantasy novels of my youth. I love those.

What's an author blog tour though?

...you know, I have no idea. They haven't told me anything about it.

Sometimes they have these promo ideas that don't actually come together. They did an ad on Funbrain, though, so I'm not complaining!

Ask Reese. She does Blog Tours.

I... must have missed a blog or two... Why are you at risk of Cholera and Typhoid?

Cholera immunization is done with an injection, or was some years ago when I had one. I don't know how long it lasts but there was something about 'up to date' so probably just a few years.

Hey folks. As someone who loves Ursula's stuff and Douglas Adams and Pratchett, can you recommend other authors I should read?

I can think of at least one -- you remember the honey badgers? MCA Hogarth (haikujaguar) may not be a mighty humorist, but she is an excellent writer of fiction both gentle and deep. She also hits hard in places it hurts with some of her works.

I'd also recommend Jim C. Hines (jimhines), whose work is inventive, fantastical, and also amusing. I think he's a bit closer to the Adams/Pratchett humorist ideal, with plenty of adventure in his adventure stories.

Oooh, you should check out Christopher Moore if you haven't yet. He's a little more modern and eclectic and...I dunno how to say this, but, American? American humor, than Pratchett and Adams but he does that humor/parody with heart thing very well.

Oh. I have read Lamb.

I should check out to see if he has other stuff.

Dianna Wynn Jones, Garth Nix, and Brandon Mull all leap immediately to mind.

That looks fun!

I hope the dreaded trots don't mar your trip.

I am so looking forward to this book and I haven't been a middle grader in a long time.

Please get some packets of oral rehydration salts at your pharmacy. They're cheap, lightweight, easy to pack, and REALLY make a big difference in making you feel better. When you get ill, mix with water and sip.


If you haven't had your HepA/HepB shots, please get them too.

You know what the really cool part of being an author/artist is? Your cover art doesn't suck. It's such a nice change from all those books we love with covers that bear little to no relation to the contents thereof. (There are probably other cool parts, but that one stands out at the moment.)

Okay, totally buying this. I don't care if it's for schoolkids; one of the joys of being an adult is reading whatever you damn well please (I have a near-complete collection of Graham Oakley's "Church Mouse" books, for instance.) This ought to be good. :3

'grats on the new book and on not being the next Typhoid Mary!

If the Oregon Trail taught me anything, it's dysentery you've got to watch out for. That and fording rivers. You all aren't planning to ford any rivers, are you?

As someone who lived in Zambia for a year, I second this. No one I knew had cholera, but two of my friends got dysentery. Of course, they also drank from the Zambezi river during a kayaking expedition . . . don't drink the Zambezi river. You don't know where it's been.

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