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Of Small Gods and Great Men

I remember reading Pratchett for the first time, back in my early twenties. I went to Dreamhaven in Minneapolis, where they had the UK imports with the Kirby covers, and I would buy one every few weeks when I could afford them.

I enjoyed the first few--they were fun enough to keep reading--and then I got to Small Gods and I remember actually yelling at the book "Where were you when I was sixteen and needed you?"

Then I found the guards and Granny Weatherwax and...well, yeah.

Eventually I found people who also understood these things. I am not saying that you have to love Pratchett to be cool, but a great many cool people do love Pratchett. (I also remember the point where I completely wrote off a job when I tried to explain Hogfather to the boss and he told me that it sounded really stupid.)

Reviewers compare my writing to Pratchett's occasionally. It is enormously flattering and also a bit frightening. That is a terrifyingly high bar to set a book up to clear, and very few books can actually stick the landing. I suspect that by now the readers have learned to be a little skeptical of such reviews, because no one did it like he did.

It's easy to be funny. It's hard to be humane. To put both on the same page and not give the reader whiplash is a rare and extraordinary talent.

I'm glad he finished the Aching books before he left.

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Sir Terry will be dearly missed.

I consider myself a priestess of Pterry. Although one of my friends calls me his pimp. She times how long it takes me from saying hello to quoting Pterry. I once went 24 hours without quoting him, but sometimes I start off a visit with a Pterry quote. So, I have excellent credentials as a Pratchett fan.

I compared you to him in my review of "Nine Goblins". It seemed a very Pratchettesque twist on traditional fantasy.

I don't really see Digger as Pratchettesque, except in being high quality humorous fantasy fiction. I see Digger as pure Ursulav. You have a distinct style that is not imitative of anyone else. I'm glad you are publishing adult fiction now so I can push something other than children's books on all my friends. You have a delightfully strange sense of humor and I'm glad to have it captured in book form.

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