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I gotta say, between Nimoy and Pratchett, part of me is yelling "Somebody go check on Miyazaki RIGHT NOW! And the guy who plays Big Bird!"

(There's a few other authors in there that will hurt a lot to lose, but as they are all alive and reasonably active on social media, it would feel weird to sort of virtually show up and go "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE." Pretty sure those two above aren't going to be finding this post.)

Sigh. I am really, really hoping 2015 is just front-loading all these things.

I've been trying to put that depth of emotion (and feeling silly about it) in to words all morning. As per usual - you have been eloquent for me.

Gotta admit, there's a part of my brain constantly going "celebrities always die in threes, not Peter Cullen, not Peter Cullen, not Peter Cullen..."

I live in mild anxiety over the fact that, at some point in the future, the credits will roll on one of the movies, an episode of the TV series, or just tucked away into a page of the comics... "In loving memory, of Peter Cullen."

It goes well with my matching anxiety about Marvel movies and Stan Lee. :-(

Front loaded… Gawds, I hope so!


And, y'know, you take care of yourself too, please?

I was just thinking that too!

I hear you; nothing makes you feel quite so vulnerable as losing folks who became your heroes within your lifetime.

And I dunno about you, but I always feel selfish about them too--"You were MY hero! I wasn't done with you yet!"


This week has been devastating. One of the old profs in my department died on the 10th -- we got the news on the 11th -- and now Pratchett.

I'm having trouble articulating the difference, but these last two really _were_ different and, as you say, the pattern-seeking part of my brain is totally dreading #3. Usually a celeb/author passes and I feel briefly sorrowful and resigned. I adore Robin Williams and even he only merited a regretful sigh. But Nimoy and Pratchett have both been gut-punches. I wish I could figure out what makes them so different.

Caroll Spinney. The Trunk Bay Nudies wrote him a tribute song.

For me the Big Third has already happened. It was Robin Williams. Nimoy hurt, even though I was never that big a Trekkie, because he was an icon. Pratchett hurt more, because I have read and read and read his books, I've even met him (very briefly, at a book signing), he's always been an inspiration to me. But I knew he was sick; I knew we were going to lose him.

Robin Williams made me curl up under the desk and want to die. Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poet's Society defined my life at one point. His standup was the only thing I ever saw that made me cry with laughing and then cry because I was laughing. Even the stupid silly movies were worth it because Robin. And I... was not expecting to lose Robin.

But Pratchett. Oh, it makes me sad. He left so many good funny wonderful books, I couldn't have asked for more, but it is this terrible thing to know there will be No More Vimes than there already is.

I'd say that people need to stop bloody dying. But I think it was Pratchett who taught me how stupid a thing that would be to wish for....

Edited at 2015-03-13 12:47 am (UTC)

Actually, I've heard that his daughter's going to be continuing the Discworld books; she worked with him on the last few. Gods, I hope so.....

I just hope he met /his/ DEATH.

I told my students this afternoon that someone should just wrap Stephen King up in bubble-wrap.

As much as I hate the fact that Pratchett has passed, as horrible as it sounds, I'm glad to see him pass in this way because it was peaceful, quiet, and in all honesty, Alzheimer's sucks.

Yes, it does. Lost my mom to it, and dealing with it from an up-close-and-personal perspective makes euthanasia a lot more of a logical necessity.

I wrote a song for him. I can't put the music up yet, but the lyrics are here.

Caroll Spinney appears to be fine (Albeit 81 years old...). Miyazaki Hayao is okay as far as can be told despite his possibly-even-for-real-this-time retirement.

And I understand the impulse. So much.

Well, Robin Williams is already dead.