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I gotta say, between Nimoy and Pratchett, part of me is yelling "Somebody go check on Miyazaki RIGHT NOW! And the guy who plays Big Bird!"

(There's a few other authors in there that will hurt a lot to lose, but as they are all alive and reasonably active on social media, it would feel weird to sort of virtually show up and go "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE." Pretty sure those two above aren't going to be finding this post.)

Sigh. I am really, really hoping 2015 is just front-loading all these things.

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As much as I hate the fact that Pratchett has passed, as horrible as it sounds, I'm glad to see him pass in this way because it was peaceful, quiet, and in all honesty, Alzheimer's sucks.

Yes, it does. Lost my mom to it, and dealing with it from an up-close-and-personal perspective makes euthanasia a lot more of a logical necessity.

Oh, definitely. It's one of those things you hope they can find some sort of fix or preventative measure for. My aunt had it, and by the time she passed she thought she was three or four years old still living in Minnesota, and was always asking where her parents were. It's not pretty. I was always impressed that Sir Pratchett was still continuing to write. I know he couldn't type anymore though and had to use one of those voice to text translator things. Regardless, it had to be really difficult for him, and I'll always respect him for that.

**nods** There are different kinds of Alzheimer's; from what I understand, Sir Pterry had a slow-progressing version. Sadly, they all tend to make the body very fragile. My mom went through three facilities after she agreed that living alone following my father's death wasn't feasible anymore (her balance got bad and she fell and got hurt way too many times.) The first one was an assisted-living facility, really nice, where a bunch of her friends lived; they had regular apartments, a private movie theater, exercise facilities, all sorts of stuff... but only minimal medical staff, and that's where she was when she was diagnosed. After about three years the disease had progressed to the point where she needed more medical help than they could give, and she went into a more clinical setting for about a year; we had her on a waiting list for a different place, though. During that year she nosedived and things got pretty hard for her; at the end of it she had become very childlike and frail. It hurt to see her that way-- she had always been a lively, loving woman, full of charm and knowledge about plants and animals. She went at last to a hospital devoted strictly to dementia patients, and the staff there were wonderful and patient, caring for my mom as if she were their own mother. She lived out the rest of her life in a place with gardens around her and people caring for her who knew exactly what to do, with family that visited (even though much of the time she didn't know us) and while it hurt to lose her, I hope that it healed her too.

Yes. I sorry to hear about your mom, but I'm sure she appreciate all you and her family did for her. She was very lucky. My uncle refused to pay for outside care of any sort for my aunt and cared for her at home despite his own declining health and age. If I'm ever in that position, I hope that my family would do for me what you did for your mom. Its rough though

Sir PTerry's was a little bit different - rather than going for memory centres it went for motor centres. As he put it, the Embuggerance didn't stop him remembering the plot, just how to tie his own shoelaces.

It didn't help that after taking out his ability to type it then went for the optical centres, so by the end of last August he was blind in one eye and had weird mosaic blindness in the other :(

Well, yes, I knew that. I thought that was clear when I mentioned he basically had to orate his books. What I meant was how hard it must have been to write, when he physically couldn't write anymore. Either way the Alzheimer's hit, it would still affect basically his sense of self.

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