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I gotta say, between Nimoy and Pratchett, part of me is yelling "Somebody go check on Miyazaki RIGHT NOW! And the guy who plays Big Bird!"

(There's a few other authors in there that will hurt a lot to lose, but as they are all alive and reasonably active on social media, it would feel weird to sort of virtually show up and go "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE." Pretty sure those two above aren't going to be finding this post.)

Sigh. I am really, really hoping 2015 is just front-loading all these things.

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Well, yes, I knew that. I thought that was clear when I mentioned he basically had to orate his books. What I meant was how hard it must have been to write, when he physically couldn't write anymore. Either way the Alzheimer's hit, it would still affect basically his sense of self.

Edited at 2015-03-17 05:40 pm (UTC)

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