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Have been sick as a dog for two days. Kevin is dragging me to the doctor today, despite protests that I am fine, just dying. *grumble*

Seems to have been going around--exciting diarrhea, nausea, headache and body ache. No fever, though, so I win. (He is mostly worried that I need to be fully recovered in two weeks before we go to Africa, which I understand completely. I will not miss this trip. If I trip and break my spleen on the concourse headed to the plane, I will have them put a bandaid on it until I get back.)

Still. *grumble*

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Good for you, Kevin! Feel better, Urs!

Ooh, I had that one, too. Five days of misery, then a miraculous turn around on the sixth. *laugh* I told Hubby-dear to call me Lazarus.

Most people wait until they are in a tropical country to get food poisoning.

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Oh god, if I had a virus where I couldn't keep my meds down, I'd be uh...I'd be in some shit.

I got that in the middle of fighting a sinus infection after two weeks of a horrible cold. Nothing like not being able to breathe merging into being afraid to leave the bathroom.

And I completely understand heading for Africa on a stretcher if necessary.

A band-aid will totally hold a broken spleen together. *nods wisely*

Get better soonest. And meanwhile, you can always blame the sickness on the necessary vaccinations that you have certainly had.

Just stay away from Sierra Leone or you'll have more than a broken spleen to deal with.

Any time your diarrhea can be described as 'exciting' you should probably see a doctor. Especially when looking at a LOOOONG plane flight.

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