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Faking the Rough Draft

(And thanks to archangelbeth for the analogy!)

Art derives from artifice and is inherently artificial. I may want to produce gorgeous authentic journal pages in my sketchbook, but I can't. So I scan the weird little doodles and frantic blatherings in the sketchbook and produce them on the computer, because I grew up on the computer, goddamnit.

And they come out looking like this.


Grey kitties are the best, and they're wise so they know everything

Well, they're grey until they defeat a Balrog.

Aww good for Sergei. Some of my friend's pets know what packing suitcases means and get upset.

Hope you have a wonderful trip.


There is something about a bag that draws kitties to it.

if all your journal entries are like that it will make a fun and entertaining read.

You can catch rabies from a toilet? I didn't even know they bite!

Edited at 2015-04-03 03:33 pm (UTC)

I love it. What a wonder (pre)travelogue entry. I laughed outloud reading it.

Ha ha ha that you think there will be toilet seats......
Seriously, there was a place with a hole in the dirt floor, two concrete foot-stands, and that's it....
but the huge tree covered in so many weaver bird nests that the whole thing swayed without wind made it all worth it.

Does Botswana do squat toilets? Those take some getting used to.

THAT is an Ursula Journal!

Looks like an authentic Ursula-style journal page to me!

This is exactly the sort of travel journal I love.

Sergei, how brave of you to stand guard over your human's gear! What a fantastic cat!

-- oh, sorry; got sidetracked. ANYWAY. Loved the journal (especially the chicken.) And don't worry about catching rabies from a toilet seat; after you've survived dysentery, rabies'll be a snap! JUST KIDDING, I PROMISE.

Speaking of toilet seats, did you see the news article about the Roman one that was found a while back at Hadrian's Wall? I'm thinking that I'd prefer a hole-and-trench toilet over an unpainted wooden plank, me; but after experiencing Japanese toilets, most of the rest seem pretty much the equivalent of planks anyway.

That's a fascinating article. The facilities at canoe campsites along the Delaware river are just wooden toilet seats on a wooden box over a hole in ground. At this point I can't recall if they were varnished or not, though I think not (they were NOT splintery, though!)

In my experience, pit latrines aren't bad if you're used to them, but if you're in pain and need to stay a while, it's really nice to be able to sit down. (Though perhaps someone more accustomed to crouching would be comparably comfortable.)

while you might scoff at the idea that you could simply talk about your shopping list and have people find it vastly entertaining, i'll note that Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap did pretty darned well. ;}

have an awesome trip, and remember that while luggage can be lost, the Sense of Humor fits nicely in the seatback pocket in front of you.

THIS IS PERFECT. Oh please oh please do a travel diary this way. It is wonderful!!!

And I think I may steal the idea for my next trip...

I think it's plenty authentic and gorgeous enough!

(also your handwriting. How do you make it legible? Hoowww?)

(She used a font! In theory, one can use fonts that are derived from one's own handwriting, but in practice I have no idea if she's got one of those.)


*squees at being named*


It kinda looks like the strab of the binoculars is on fire?