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Faking the Rough Draft

(And thanks to archangelbeth for the analogy!)

Art derives from artifice and is inherently artificial. I may want to produce gorgeous authentic journal pages in my sketchbook, but I can't. So I scan the weird little doodles and frantic blatherings in the sketchbook and produce them on the computer, because I grew up on the computer, goddamnit.

And they come out looking like this.


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Oh yes, now I see it! I am mystified by handwriting that is readable, if only because I can never produce it.

It is the Sweet Home Oklahoma font, which I must go and license if these wind up in the travel journal. It looks a lot like my actual handwriting, except for the bit where people can actually read it.

My handwriting is terrible. (It's why I scrutinize apparently-clear handwriting carefully, because I instinctively go "No Wai!" So I noticed the "I"s were exactly the same, and went "Ah-ha!")

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